Normals From Aftershock Picked Up for TV

San Diego Comic Con is here, well Preview night, and the announcements are already coming. First up is Normals from Aftershock Comics. The comic was picked up by Fox 21 TV studios. 

Deadline is reporting that Aftershock Comics has teamed up with Fox 21 Studios to bring Normas to TV.
Normals #1 came out in May 2017 from Aftershock Comics and was written by Adam Glass.

Copies of the series are still available at Mycomicshop for less than cover (they won’t last long.)


AfterShock Comics is teaming with Fox 21 TV Studios and producer Warren Littlefield (Fargo, The Handmaid’s Tale) on an adaptation of Adam Glass’ (Supernatural, The Chi) sci-fi horror series The Normals for television.

Created and written by Glass, The Normals is centered around one man who finds out his perfect life and family may all be an illusion, setting him on a crusade to save what he believes is real and loves with all his being, while having to save the world in the process as forces seek to destroy him.

“Sci-Fi is always asking the question, ‘What does it mean to be human?’” said Glass, who is under a development deal with Fox 21. “Our story takes a look at that question and explores the idea that to be human is to feel fear; and that’s the lense we will be looking through in our storytelling.”

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  1. Check out the Aftershock website store. They have Normals comics for sale including regular and inventive covers for issue 1.

        1. That is the name of the game. Gotta be quick though! Especially at SDCC time. There are so many announcements that the spec on any one of these small published books could very well get buried in an avalanche of spec if you dont act fast.

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