Titan’s ‘Under Scourge of the Sewer’ Optioned For Movie

Graphic novel “Under Scourge of the Sewer,” about mutated creatures lurking in the sewers under a major US metropolis, is coming to the big-screen, with Franco-Belgian comics powerhouse Media Participations Group, Titan Comics, and U.K. producer Born Wild bringing the project to life.

There are almost no copies of this one eBay, however they are starting to pop up.

Under Scourge of the Sewer” was created by prolific French writer Christophe Bec and his regular illustrator and collaborator Stefano Rafael. It is published by Le Lombard, which sits within Media Participations Group’s stable of comic book publishers alongside the likes of Dargaud, and is represented by Mediatoon.

Set in the near future in the city’s vast sewer complex, which have become a war zone, complete with mutant spiders and crocodiles, disgraced former detective, Jericho, leads the subterranean police force attempting to preserve a semblance of order. Sandra Yeatman, a young female scientist, embeds herself with Jericho’s team, to his disdain, and they battle to stop the underwater carnage spreading above ground.

Anthony Alleyne, whose “Sunburn” recently played at the London Screenings, will adapt the action-sci-fi project with up and coming writer Brennig Hayden. Alleyne will also produce the movie through Born Wild. Laurent Duvault of Mediatoon, Kristian van der Heyden of Harald House and Annemiek van der Hell of Windmill Film are all confirmed co-producers. Raymond Van der Kaaij of Revolver is also on board as executive producer. The budget is Euro8 million.

“It’s exciting to collaborate with tireless and tenacious creatives like Alleyne,” Bec and Raffaele said. “Under is a story which is close to our hearts and it was his and Brennig’s strong vision of blending the spirit of our original work with contemporary social elements that won us over. Many of our works together have been influenced by movies and the cinema, and to see ‘Under’ adapted on the big screen would show true appreciation.”

“Anthony is clear about what he wants to do with the property, which is to establish a powerful franchise we are proud to be part of,” Duvault added.

The comics launched in France in 2010, with English-language versions following late last year. The plan is to shoot the film in late 2019. Nick Landau, Owner of Titan Entertainment Group said ‘Under is highly relevant to the world we live in, and it’s really going to surprise people’. Titan officially announced the project, Thursday, at San Diego Comic-Con panel session for its English-language imprint Statix Press.

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  1. picked up 2x of each of the 3 #1 Variants from Midtown when I got the notification from Key Collector Comics. Thanks KCC & CHU!!! Looks like cover A & B of issue 1 are still available at Midtown.

  2. Just playing devil’s advocate here. Does anyone actually think that a French movie adaptation of a French comic is going to become such a big international cult hit that American collectors are going to watch the movie and say to themselves, “That movie was so good that I want to own the original comics it was based on, and I’m willing to pay a lot to get them”? I may be totally wrong, but I just can’t see how there’s any real spec value here.

    1. It’s a good story from a well known writer. I am just reporting the news and what it is related to. Everyone should do their own due diligence and decide what to buy. I own a copy so I listed mine.

    2. Just the thrill of the hunt. I got mine for cover price, so no big loss if nothing happens, plus I think it looks pretty cool, kind of like Enormous.

    3. It all depends on what one defines as a good spec. If I can buy a book for $5 and flip for $10-$15 cause it got a media option, thats great. Is this going to he a modern day Walking Dead #1 spec… Likely not. But like Anthony stated, everyone should do their own diligence when it comes to buying and selling comics.

            1. If shes on Maui but I doubt it. No island hopping this round, maybe next time. But I have been pretty much everywhere on Maui so far.

  3. I sat down and read Dead Life #1 last night and it was one of the best zombie comics I’ve read in years. Regretfully my LCS gave me a damaged copy. Checked on eBay and elsewhere, but nothing available stateside. I would like to get a NM copy for my PC.

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