SDCC: Riot Announced as Villain in Venom Movie

Wonder who would be the bad guy in the upcoming Venom Movie? It was announced at SDCC last night it would be the Symbiote Riot. Who? Read on.

It is pretty widely known that the Lethal Protector. Riot makes his first appearance in Venom Lethal Protector #4 (some are debating that issue 4 is first cameo and Riot makes his first full appearance in Lethal Protector #5, however Marvel Wiki Comicsvine and others have #4 as first), and later reappears in Carnage USA #2

The Hall H panel at Comic-Con showed off new footage, which director Ruben Fleischer stressed still had some VFX work to do. The footage revealed that Venom will face off against another symbiote in the movie. Fleischer later said this was Riot, a symbiote who can transfer to other people, so you never know who it will be in the film. The filmmaker also hinted other villains could be in the movie, noting: “We are planning a big world with this Venom story.”

The footage also showed Venom’s head stretching out of Brock’s body to have a conversation with him, similar to what might happen in the comics. It also showed Venom making axes with his own hands. In another scene, Venom has a bad guy in his grip, and utters this line where he seems to eat him (though that isn’t shown): “Eyes. Lungs, pancreas, so many snacks. So little time.”

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