SDCC: Krypton Season 2 Features Lobo

The Main Man, the Last Czarnian Lobo, has been announced at SDCC’s Krypton panel as being the main villain of the second season of Krypton.

Lobo first appears in Omega Men #3


Krypton held its San Diego Comic-Con panel this afternoon and made a huge announcement for the series’ upcoming second season. DC Comics villain Lobo will be next season’s big bad.

Due out in 2019, Krypton’s second season will dig into the consquences of the first season in which Zod made a deal with Brainiac to save Krypton, thus changing the future and Superman’s story as we know it. Now, it sounds like those consequenves will include the iconic villain.

In comics, Lobo is from the peaceful planet of Czarnia, but he is far different from those in the utopian world. The vicious, violent Lobo single-handedly slaughtered his entire world, making him the last of his race and a fearsome mercenary roaming the universe carrying out mayhem and murder.

News of Lobo joining Krypton may come as a surprise to fans since Warner Bros. is also said to be developing a feature film for the fan-favorite character. Earlier this year, screenwriter Jason Fuchs opened up about his work in the DC Films universe and spoke about writing the script for a Lobo film.


7 thoughts on “SDCC: Krypton Season 2 Features Lobo”

  1. I haven’t watched any of Krypton yet, but from what I know of the show, this seems completely out of left field. Is Lobo going to fit the narrative of the show? Or are they going to try to fit Lobo into it by changing him into something that barely resembles Lobo?

    1. I dont watch Krypton, but Lobo is a very plausible character to be in the show, given his powers set. I love me some Lobo, but I am unsure if the small screen will be able to do him justice.

  2. Maybe he’ll bring his daughter with him and her first appearance will be worth even more lol

    This should be interesting. The show has been great so far. I bet that Lobo will fight Doomsday and that would be awesome. I just hope they don’t turn Lobo into a typical villain cause that’s definitely not who the main man is.

  3. Been sooo much news the past few days so I forgot where I read it but isn’t Krypton season 2 also going to focus on or introduce Firebird and the original Nightwing?

    1. …..also, if they bring back Brainiac I hope they don’t limit him as they did in the first season…Huge build up for such a weak conclusion to his story arc….Hope that was more of an intro before showing just how destructive and badass he can be.

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