Saga Goes on Hiatus But Goes Out With Big Bang in Saga #54 (Spoilers)

Saga has long been a favorite book of mine and one that I have been picking up since issue #1. At the end of Saga #54, after the shock ending, there was a bigger shock. Saga is going on hiatus for at least one year. Check it out below, plus the shock ending.

Saga is the story of Alana and Marko, two aliens from warring races who fall in love and have a child. Hazel is that child. She could bridge the gap between the two races, or could tear them further apart. The family drama has always been a part of the story. So losing one of those characters, and then having to wait for over a year to see the fall out, is heart wrenching. Check out the spoilers below to see the shocking ending.

First up, Brian K Vaughn’s letter page talking about the hiatus.

And the big spoiler.

And it is for real.

And the final page. (ok, this one isn’t the most exciting spoiler image)

7 thoughts on “Saga Goes on Hiatus But Goes Out With Big Bang in Saga #54 (Spoilers)”

  1. I’ve had this in my pullbox since issue #1. I heard that after this issue it might only be 18 more and then that’s it.

  2. BKV said he planned for this to be about as long as Y plus Ex Machina, so I think this intermission is almost exactly at the halfway point, and it will probably just pass 100 or 110 issues. I’ve loved every issue so far and a year without my favorite book will be rough.

  3. Saga is a good read and BKV is obviously a talented writer.

    I understand his meaning behind Marko’s death, and the parallels between him and The Will… however…

    It’s difficult to believe in a story when characters are written to do things in a way that, to me, aren’t logical.

    Saga has been stalling for years, I would argue, since the death of The Brand.

    It’s frustrating… am I the only one that feels this way?

    1. I was kinda waiting for the death of a major character. There are obviously many factions out there trying to kill the main protagonists, so it was only a matter of time before we saw something like this. I don’t feel like it has been stalling in any way, but rather just building up the story line. As far as characters doing things that aren’t logical, that to me makes them even more believable since most emotional moments in real life can be quite illogical.

      I hate having to wait a year (heck, I hate waiting a month) but as a fan, I will anticipate it’s return and hope that it only gets better. I guess I can just go back and re-read the earlier issues in order to gain further insight…. and then there is always “Paper girls” which I need to catch up on also. RIP Marko… Long Live the Saga…

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