DC Launches Foil Variants for October

DC Comics has done some pretty cool things with cover priced variants. They started out with lenticular covers a few years back. The repeated it a little while later. They launched their B cover program with big name artists, which they later made the trade dress smaller to make them more like virgin variants. This time, they are taking the cue from their extremely popular foil convention cover program for a series of foil regular priced covers.

There are 29 foil variants releasing over October. Check them out below:

October 3, 2018
Green Arrow #45
Cures of Brimstone #7
Unexpected #5
Batman #56
Green Lanterns #56

October 10, 2018
Catwoman #4
Sideways #9
Hawkman #5
Supergirl #23
Wonder Woman #56
Flash #56
Detective Comics #990
Red Hood and the Outlaws #27
Suicide Squad #47
Superman #4
Titans #27

October 17,2018
Damage #10
Harley Quinn #52
Justice League #10
Justice League Dark #4
Nightwing #51
Teen Titans #23

October 24, 2018
Justice League Odyssey #2
Terrifics #9
Silencer #10
Batgirl #28
Action Comics #1004
Batman Beyond #25

October 31, 2018
Batman Secret Files #1

9 thoughts on “DC Launches Foil Variants for October”

  1. I sure hope they wrap each one with protective film or polybags or we can expect enough fingerprints to make a crime scene investigator giddy.

  2. So these are variants, not regular A covers? I saw other articles and it wasn’t clear what they were. So there will be a regular cover too.

    The reason I ask is because my local shop doesn’t order many Bs if at all…so I usually have to order them through the mail….but with foils it’s tricky as the slightest pressure can create a color breaking crease….so I’m hesitant to commit sight unseen with these.

  3. any new on whether any of these issues have something else spec-related that would be a bonus to get to them? i have ordered some some but purely for aesthetic reasons

  4. That Green Lanterns cover is terrible, IMHO. Green Arrow, Batman Beyond, Action Comics, Justice League and Wonder Woman are tops for me.

  5. Everything I’ve read on these says that they are the regular cover A, not the B covers. I’ve pre-ordered a few of the ones that I think look good.

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