Sony Eyeing Jackpot for Spider-man Spinoff Movies

While it has been known for a while that Sony was looking to expand their Spider-Universe movies, and it has been mentioned before that it would include Silk and Nightwatch, news came out today that Jackpot could be getting her own spinoff movie.

Time to dust off your old FCBD 2007 Spider-man Swing Shift comics, which features the first appearance of Jackpot as she could be getting her own movie at Sony. Copies have already sold for $35, and being listed for even more.

Variety reported that Jackpot is being eyed as a possible spinoff for Spider-man.

If all goes according to plan, and long-lead box office tracking indicates that the film will at least open well, then Sony will quickly segue from “Venom” into a series of sequels and standalone films featuring heroes and villains who populate the Spider-Man universe. Sony has already announced plans to make “Morbius,” with Daniel Espinosa (“Safe House”) directing Jared Leto as the titular vampire and frequent Spidey nemesis, and has lined up Richard Wenk (“The Equalizer 2”) to write a screenplay focused on Kraven the Hunter. The studio is also in the process of developing movies based on Silk, Jackpot, and Nightwatch, and is actively looking for writers to pen scripts.

Black Cat likely won’t be the only woman to anchor one of Sony’s Marvel movies. The studio is leaning in to female stories at a time when there’s pressure on Hollywood to create more movies featuring women and minorities. Silk, for instance, is a Korean-American super-heroine, while Jackpot no twenty-something masked vigilante an older heroine, likely in her mid-forties, which is unique in a geek culture that prizes youth.

12 thoughts on “Sony Eyeing Jackpot for Spider-man Spinoff Movies”

  1. why does jackpot need a movie? why not put kraven the hunter in the spiderman movies first and then spin out kravens last hunt out of it?? w.t.f. is sony pc pictures smoking cuase I didn’t sell them it sony doesn’t need this many spiderman spin offs #testify love you all blind adam out

  2. It’s kinda ridiculous. So many good characters in the Spiderverse and they pull Jackpot, Silver Sable, NightWatch movies. I would switch those for Doc oc, Hobgoblin, Rhino and tie it to some kind of sinister six in the future after the Kraven and Mysterio movies. Just add Vulture to the mix for 6.

  3. Are you people surprised? I mean.. come on, it’s Sony Pictures… Sony needs to stick to making Playstation consoles, that’s the only decent product they have on the market.

  4. Oh boy…Didn’t have this one and have no interest in getting it even when the price crashes… I could see if it was a standard release and people go nuts but FCBD? Soooo many of those are made. Don’t buy at these prices and if you got any cheap sell now! As in yesterday!

    1. Just checked…Sellers are already selling for $7 and $8 each on Ebay…high shipping though ($7) As the weeks go on I cant see this selling more than $10. Probably lower.

      1. It takes time for people to dig out their copies to swamp the market to bring the prices down.

        Demand + Low Availability = High Value

        Demand + Easy Availability = Valuable

        Demand + Easy Availability + Undercutters wanting a faster sell = Approach retail prices.

  5. I don’t see this movie ever happening. The entire idea of Jackpot just seemed to be a tease… a red herring… to make readers *think* Mary Jane had become a superhero in the Brand New Day era, only to reveal Jackpot was an entirely new character. How many issues did she even end up appearing in? I barely remember a dozen, maybe?

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