Spoilers: West Coast Avengers #1, Silly Fun and New Characters

West Coast Avengers #1 is out in stores tomorrow. It is a fun read, as expected, and keeps the theme of not taking itself too seriously like previous incarnations. It does, in the same theme of not taking things too seriously, introduce some new characters. Check them to below. The images are redacted, the accompanying text is not. Read on only if you do not mind spoilers.

Much like the Deadpool 2 movie, the West Coast Avengers are trying out new team members.

They get some winners like this guy…

And this guy…

And her….

And to keep the theme of the lovable losers, this guy.

Of course, the real new character, if you can call him such, is this guy.


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5 Responses to Spoilers: West Coast Avengers #1, Silly Fun and New Characters

  1. WCA was my childhood comic, so I am excited to see it coming back.

  2. JayClue says:

    Im kinda interested in what the Silver Snowboarder can do. She should be applying for Alpha Flight, not WCA.

  3. A. King says:

    It will have a new #1 in about 8 months.

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