Beta Cast for The Walking Dead TV

The Walking Dead has cast another Whisperer, this time the hulking Beta.

The Wrap has announced that Sons of Anarchy’s Ryan Hurst has been cast as Beta for season 9 of the Walking Dead on AMC.

Beta first appears in Walking Dead #154. The book sells for between $8 to $10. This will be one of your best times to sell if you are holding any.

9 thoughts on “Beta Cast for The Walking Dead TV”

      1. That is hilarious Poyo. Congrats on making me damn near spit out my beer. I stopped buying TWD after #120 so I win, but honestly Ryan Hurst might make you a few bucks. I saw him at a local con last year and he has a big following. I dont think he will save the show, but he might attract his own fanbase to buy the book.

        1. Heh. Well, I listed all mine at $4.99 so that probably helped make them sell faster. I’m good though, I made profit from them since most if not all of mine were pre-orders with 35% off cover.

  1. Now if they cast Princess that’d be great so I can dump all those copies as well. That was the last book I loaded up on. What a freaking mistake that was!

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