Walking Dead TV show Casts Lydia, But Will Anyone Care?

For a long time, an announcement of a casting on The Walking Dead TV show would cause books that would otherwise be cover price to jump up to $20+ books. Thats the way it used to be, however, as of late, there is little to no movement on Walking Dead comics.

Lydia, the daughter of Alpha, of the Whisperers has been cast according to Hollywood Reporter. She will be played by Cassady McClincy.

Like I said, previously this kind of announcement would make comics like This could be due to the TV show catching up to the more recent books Walking Dead #133, the first appearance of Lydia, jump in price. Recently sold copies have closed for about $3.50. Not much heat any more. Could be because Andrew Lincoln leaving the show. Could be because of dwindling ratings. Could be because the newer appearances are coming from later issues which had higher print runs.

One thing I am sure of is that with Carl dead at the end of last season, we will not be getting the eye socket lick from the comics.

13 thoughts on “Walking Dead TV show Casts Lydia, But Will Anyone Care?”

  1. I think last month, TWD slipped to 17 on the Diamond sales charts. TWD was a stalwart flip. That has not been the case in a while. RIP TWD. You had a good run.

    1. I’d say the last hope for any heat will be when the last couple of episodes for the last season air. When ever that last season will be

  2. Ever since Negan went off on his own I’ve struggled to get through every issue and in the last year I’ve stopped buying more copies of 132, 135 and 138 when I see them in the LCS longboxes. I’m seeing the 1st appearances of Jesus and Ezekiel at the lowest prices in several years and more pre-Negan filler issues are turning up at shops, ones that would’ve brought an easy $100-150 slabbed just a few years ago are sitting for $10-15 raw and nobody wants them.
    I’ve been saying for well over a year that as a spec title it’s done. Be different if it was still a decent read

  3. Do I care? Nope. Don’t even plan on watching the new season. I’m just gonna leave it at Rick winning the War and the story is now over.

    As for the comics, it got real boring real quick. I stopped reading after Maggie should have blown Negan’s head off.

    I think the show lost me during Carl’s death and particularly when Negan should have just blown Carl away when he was preaching to them while the others were escaping. That would have won me over a bit more.

    I have this feeling we’ll be seeing Rick’s head on a pole this season. I think he’ll replace Ezekial’s head after Alpha kills off a few people. But that might lose more people if they do that. Most want to see Rick leave alive with the hope he returns later on. But I doubt that’s going to happen as well.

    They need to wrap it up though and shut ‘er down, both show and comic. Better go out on a higher note than shutting down because people aren’t watching it anymore.

  4. I stopped watching the show after season 7. As for the book, the last one I bought was 157. This show should end with a big cliff hanger like the Supranos. LMAO??????

  5. Lets be honest there are really only a handful of books from TWD worth having as a collector, anyone who is speculating on this over the last few years have only got themselves to blame if left holding books, I’ve never spec’d on this title as I missed that boat a long time ago, and I have all the books that I wanted for my PC (which is about 17 issues), I basically stopped reading since issue #113, and off loaded most I didn’t want cheap. The truth is most are still waiting for this formula to happen again, but I personally think it never will, there are far better comics to speculate on without a TV show or film option IMO. I still watch the show and I do still enjoy it because its TV, the comic lost its pizzazz a long time ago.

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