Signed/Sketched Amazing Spider-Man #800 Ultimate Edition Up for Charity Auction

The Comic Mint is auctioning off one of their recent successful releases, Amazing Spider-man #800 Ultimate Edition , with 100% of the proceeds going to the Hero Initiative.

The 9.8 CBCS graded Amazing Spider-man #800 Ultimate Edition is signed and fetched by cover artist Mike Mayhew. The books as limited to 300 copies, and to sweeten the deal, this one is numbered 1 out of 300.

More about the listing:

This version of Amazing Spider-man 800 was originally offered as one of 300 signed CBCS 9.8 copies. Upon receipt, the book was cracked out of the case in the presence of CBCS representatives, and was graciously remarked for free by Mike Mayhew and resubmitted to CBCS for re-grading. The book has retained its 9.8 grade and label designation of number 1 out of 300. Please see below for original solicitation information regarding this offering.

This is the ONLY Ultimate edition to date to be remarked in addition to the signature, and have been regraded 9.8 while retaining its label designation. (It is possible there will be others in the future)

100% of the proceeds of this offering will be donated to the HERO initiative. Please read more about this great charity here:



17 thoughts on “Signed/Sketched Amazing Spider-Man #800 Ultimate Edition Up for Charity Auction”

  1. i bought 1 on these when the went on sale (will probability sell it) but tcm posted today that he will offer a way for people who bought them to get them remarked as well

    1. Has anyone seen a 10??? ?? I see the 9.9s on fleabay that people charge a billion dollars for even if its a regular book but I wonder how many 10 comics are out there . . .

      1. Thats interesting you bring that up, I was noticing that recently. When Marvel did the legacy relaunch, I noticeda lot more 9.9s than I ever saw. That Cable 150 I recall seeing more than a few.

        I’d personally spend $1000+ on an old key instead of any old book just for a grade. But hey, people can burn their money how they want.

        1. I might of been mistaken, can’t find anything on the 10.0. But I did find where a Walking Dead 9.9 sold for like $10,000 or so.

      2. I’m willing to bet some of these 10.0 and 9.9 could result in 9.8’s on other days. That’s the problem I have with grading, it’s in the eye of the current holder. Every book right off the press should be 10.0 before it’s touched by a human because that’s how it was made.

        I keep my books free and floppy. I’d probably only get mine graded if I wanted to confirm if the book was authentic or if it got signed to make sure it’s verified as proof, etc.

      3. Holy crap thats low! All things considering. Ye I know what u mean. I mean even if they are “pros” its all still subjective. Some guy sees the same book 600x is sick of looking at it and just grades it high/low. Or maybe they stepped in dog dook on the way to work. Instant bad day and possibly a bad grade for your book. That’s me being cynical of course.

        I don’t slab many books, but there’s no rhyme or reason. I’ve had, to my eye, flawless books come in at 9.0- 9.4 and even looking at graders notes couldn’t see what they said was wrong and books with blunting and corner wear 9.8. I have slabbed less and less because of this.

  2. Well Mr. Pope it’s a good thing then that we have multiple people look at your book. If the one grader is having a bad day, it will be seen by a finalizer also to determine if that grade is too low or too high and may be seen by a few other sets of eyes also. Yes we have seen the same books thousands of times and we know what is acceptable for different publishers (Marvel Scuffing) and certain titles and issue numbers (ASM #800). We are the best in the world and it’s not even close. We send test boxes to shows to have the best dealers in the world give their opinions against our graders and like I said, it’s not even close. These are guys that have been playing with funny books their whole lives and they aren’t close. We allot points for being off and they are 2-3 times higher with their scores than our graders. So some average guy with an average eye thinks his Iron Man 55 is a 9.8/9.6 and he misses the slightly rusted staples, the small staple tears, the spine stresses and the hairline 4″ crease pressed into the back of the white border of the back cover and wonders why he got a 7.5. That’s why we do what we do and have the best graders, restoration experts and pressers in the world and it’s not close. Just go to any show and see how many people are at each booth.

    1. That’s fine. Wasn’t attacking anybody. Doesn’t change the fact grading is in fact subjective. Was simply stating my insight on the matter and my experience. And there are a few companies that grade so Im unsure who you think I was attacking as I didn’t specify and don’t know why you felt it necessary to address me. My opinion is my opinion. I appreciate your insight. I’m not saying Im a pro grader, but we’re human and humans make errors. And when you realize that and people get over themselves and their superiority complex, the world in general could be a little less combative. I wasn’t bashing slabs or any company. And I’m unsure why you needed to come here and justify it to me “the average guy” anyway?? I’m just a little guy ??

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