Spoilers: Thanos Legacy #1

Donny Cates had tweeted out that there were big things coming out in Thanos Legacy #1 out tomorrow. Well, I can say it is an interesting story. Needless to say, spoilers follow. The spoiled images are redacted, the accompanying text is not. Click the spoiler warnings to see the spoiled images.
First Up, here is the thing he didn’t want leaked….

Kind of a downer considering Marvel put out the news over the weekend. However, there is a cool bit in the story…
A couple of guys close to Thanos come to visit his body.

CGR seems confused as to the motives.

And a very Kirby-esque object removed from Thanos.

I always did think Thanos and Darkseid seemed too similar.

5 thoughts on “Spoilers: Thanos Legacy #1”

  1. Wait a minute, so the biggest news out of this issue is Donny Cates and Geoff Johns are teaming up for Guardians of the Galaxy coming in 2019? Sigh..

  2. Glad I didn’t load up on this one. Bought 2 of the Cosmic Ghost Rider #3. it’s still the first-full appearance of Juggerduck and the Thanos/Punisher mash I suppose

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