Weekend Spec: Picking Apart Captain Marvel Entertainment Weekly Articles

Entertainment Weekly and Brie Larson dropped hints that they would be releasing some information that would break the internet. The stories came out and it was mostly about the first cover or EW magazine and some photos of characters from the upcoming movie. Here is what is now known:
Of course, some of this came out previously from other sources but here is a breakdown of characters, concepts, and more that will be features in the Captain Marvel movie.
Jude Law will be playing Walter Lawson/Mar-vell (first appears in Marvel Super-Heroes #12). He will be mentoring Carol Danvers (first appearance Marvel Super-Heroes #13). He will also be leading Starforce  (first appearance in Avengers #346). It is interesting to note, Starforce was also in Mighty Thor #446, which came out the same month, April 1992, as Avengers #346.
Starfore will be made up of Walter Lawson/Mar-Vell , Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, and a few Kree. These include:
Minn-Erva – (not a known character but there is a Kree named Doctor Minerva who first appears in Captain Marvel #50.)
Korath the Pursuer – Seen previously in Guardians of the Galaxy, first appears in Inhumans #11
Att-LassQuasar #9
Bron Char – First appears in Captain America #8 (1998)
The Skrulls will play a big part in the movie. Seems that this will focus on the Kree/Skrull War, which ran from Avengers #89 to Avengers #97. One Skrull in particular Talos, will be in the film. He first appears in Incredible Hulk #418. Unlike his comic book counterpart, he will be able to shape shift in the movie, Talos in the comics could not change shape.
Another character of note is Maria Rambeau. She is a military pilot and goes by the call sign Photon. Her first appearance is Avengers #246. She is also a mother in the movie to Monica Rambeau. Monica was the first female Captain Marvel and also went by Photon in the comics. Her first appearance was in Amazing Spider-man Annual #16. Monica may appear in the movie as a child. Unsure if Maria will have powers in the movie.

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  1. Great job on this write up. MY GF’s mother passed away recently so I am really about a week behind in my life, but I did see the EW stuff out there. Anyways, anyone see that Entertainment Weekly out there, I’m looking to pick up two of them for my personal collection. Thank you!

  2. Looking at the books, Avengers #346 is “Operation Galactic Storm” part 12….Thor #446 is part 14. My guess is they were both released the same month but Avengers #346 came out a couple of weeks earlier.

    1. Very well could be. I always look at several different places for the first appearance. One had the Thor listed, could have been Marvel Wiki or Comicvine. Good catch on the story part number.

    2. That darn secondary market! I still remember when I first started collecting comics and was told Wolverine’s first appearance Was Hulk 181 even though he was smack on the last page of Hulk 180 sayin “Look at me, I’m Wolverine!”…. Oh well…. Anyway, I like the Thor 446 cover better than the Avengers 346…Even if 446 doesn’t gain tons of steam it may still be worth picking up since they are all on the cover as a team. Super cheap also.

    1. IMDb could be wrong but has it listed that way. Still, of all the captain marvel comics I own, that first appearance of MarVell in Marvel Super Heroes 12 is the best long term book.

      1. Yeah, IMDB isn’t always the most accurate. They will update based on rumors and fix later on. Too many people who are not actually tied to the studios have access to that site. But it’s still a good start.

      2. Marvel super heroes 12 doesn’t even look to be outrageously priced….mid grade copies easily acquireable. Might look around in some shops. Still a key though.

  3. this write up is #awesomesauce. thank you for it.cruzzer . sorry to hear about your girlfriends loss. in my thoughts and prayers. didn’t know about the e.w. issue. now I will go looking . if I find copies . I will send you onecruzzer any captain marvel between #50-62 are worth the picj up. I also like marvel spotlight second series #1 love the cover . this is a great time to be a captain marvel fan. love you guys blind adam out.

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