Spoilers: Infinity Wars #3, Major Mash-ups

Infinity Wars #3 is in stores tomorrow. It takes a break from killing and instead introduces new characters Or in this case, mash-ups of existing characters.

Most of these you knew were coming, however there is one oddball mash-up that was pretty fun. Check them out below:
Before the mash-ups though, a nice reference to Avengers Infinity War movie.

And now the mash-ups


I do love the narratives that go along with them.

They are done by Loki who shows his contempt


And the one odd ball fun one thrown in the mix

That last one cracked me up.
Kinda sad no Ghost Riding Venom-Hulk.
Yes, that was a real think…

22 thoughts on “Spoilers: Infinity Wars #3, Major Mash-ups”

  1. Doubt it’s a spec book because there’s little chance these characters ever get on screen but def. a book for the PC – especially because of the arachknight, two of my faves.

      1. So this in my opinion will be first full arachnight you see the aftermath of what happens to moon knight and Spidey. First full Logan Frost Wolvie and emma. I would give Doopool a full appearance too. The others you get one panel but they are all named also multiple panels of Captain Strange.

  2. What is that thing at the end? Deadpool-Orko (masters of e universe)? Deadpool
    -Slimer (ghost busters)? Gloop or Gleep from Herculoids?

  3. I am indifferent to this whole thing. Is this like a dig at people who have been whining about mash-up characters? I have not been reading this book because honestly, I just can’t afford it. I read the
    beginning when Thanos was ‘killed’ but with everything else I am reading not to mention the 2 x times a month shipping, it is a lot to try and manage monthly. Have you seen what’s shipping on the 19th of September? Who the hell do they think has all this expendable income? Forgive my rant but as a comic consumer and a fan, there are days where I just feel like throwing in the towel like ‘Bleep’ it.

    1. I completely understand the feeling, that’s why I take a collecting break sometime every year. With this particular book it has a lot of first appearances of characters that are getting their own book. Everyone should be all over the 1:25 if you like mashups or if you don’t like mashups but like money.

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