Captain Marvel Trailer Airs

Direct from Good Morning America, the Captain Marvel Trailer is here


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  1. Mikey says:

    Anyone else get the artgerm variant of Life of Captain Marvel 1. Awesome shot of similar still in the preview near the end. Looks great can’t wait.

  2. MrPope says:

    Looks good BUT for me there is a problem. We’re on Phase what Four??? The Phases though with a few loop holes have been pretty coherent. This to me is like an afterthought of “oh crap, we don’t really have anyone strong enough to beat Thanos.” And its like oh ye btw Fury met her in the 90s and said if you’re ever in major distress call me and we’re supposed to just be like, oh ye ok.
    Of course I haven’t seen it so I won’t pass judgement yet but I don’t know.

    It’s like what JK Rowling did with the Horcruxes. Oh ye btw last books here are these things and this is how you kill Voldemort.

    “You introduced characters in the last five pages that were never in the book before!” – Lionel Twain

    • JayClue says:

      Why is it so implausible for Danvers and Fury to have met in the 90’s?

      • Anthony says:

        Simple. They meet in the 90’s. She flies off into space for 20 years. Thanos pulls his shenanigans. She comes back.

      • MrPope says:

        Nah nah Im not saying its not plausible my good man. Im saying, if you aren’t familiar with the universe, or just your average movie goer, it’s like . . . Boom here’s this character we haven’t mentioned the entire time and her and her gang of Marvels are gonna save the day.
        I haven’t seen the movie. I’m looking forward to see how they spin it. I’m looking forward to a strong female lead. I’m just saying its like . . . If you’re not familiar with the Marvel Universe, it seems a little just bam here she is after 15+ movies.

      • JayClue says:

        It wont be ‘bang’ there she is to the unfamiliar or average movie goer. It would only appear that way to diehard fans. And if they can not introduce CM properly, without severely wrecking continuity, then we all might as well bail out now. They have a whole lot more to explain then just CM. If they cant do CM’s intro seamlessly, then what chance do they have to explain why there has been no Mutants for 15 movies, when the XMen make their debut.

      • Alana says:

        They need a better explanation then she flies off in space for 20years. They have to explain why when Fury formed the Avengers Captain Marvel wasn’t even a thought or mention. They also have to explain how Ronan was able to get the power stone in Guardians of the Galaxy vol1 and Captain Marvel was no where to be found.

      • MrPope says:

        That’s what Im sayin Alana. I’m always down with Marvel but if this is leading into potentially the biggest movie with the highest stakes, I don’t want just, “Well she was here, then she left, now she’s back.” I don’t remember the order, is Infinity 2 the very next in line or is Spiderman???

        Speaking of Ronan though, I’m INCREDIBLY enthused Lee gets to reprise his role. He is incredible.

    • Bryan says:

      Is it different than AntMan/Wasp taking place before Gauntlet but released after Gauntlet? I do get it to a point that CM is definitely more shoehorned in and runs the risk of a Spider-Man Homecoming continuity issue, but I’m sure they wrote CM in such a way that only the most OCD will notice the deja vu and glitches in the Matrix.

    • Lonzilla says:

      I LOVE Murder By Death!

      • MrPope says:

        Im SOOO glad someone grabbed that reference. I was thinking I can’t be THAT old can I?? Underrated comedy for sure

  3. Shane Fyffe says:

    Those recent Granov covers were good too, I bought about 10 of those. This trailer is good, I’m more excited now than I was. This movie I think will open up a lot of things for whole future of Marvel movies.

  4. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce. I now have to go back and score some books. big time. and I am jacked for this now. more jacked then I have beenf or a marvel movie in a long time hope they do something at nycc love you all blind adam out

  5. Cody says:

    I loved that blockbuster was used…they could’ve shot it at my local blockbuster, nothing else ever opened there, they still have the sign and return box and everything.

  6. AL says:

    Well right at the end of the trailer, it really looks like Carol is in the process of changing in Binary!

    Had a Super Sayan transformation sort of feel to it lol.

    Queue the X-Men #164 sales 🙂

  7. OC_Guy says:

    Looks good..I’m not freaking out over it, but should be a fun flick.

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