New Comic Spec Review Video for September 26th 2018

Each week, Anthony from talks about the hot new videos of the week. Here is this weeks for delivery 9/26/18:


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29 Responses to New Comic Spec Review Video for September 26th 2018

  1. Alana says:

    Don’t turn around Anthony many bat penis behind you, you might poke your eye out.

  2. Michael says:

    What do you think about Source #1 and the Batman Beyond Cover B. And finally Dr. Aphra Cover B. Only ones on my list this week that I’m looking for you didn’t pick.
    Source is a spec. Batman beyond cool cover and Dr Apha rabid Star Wars fans will won’t the Fett man tell me what you think.

    • Anthony says:

      I usually leave the variants to Mel but think people will want the Fett cover. Batman beyond is a cool cover but don’t think it will heat up. Source doesn’t come out until October 3rd. Don Handfield wrote it and it looks awesome. See next week’s list for it though

  3. Michael says:

    Sorry twice.

  4. Dave says:

    Any chance shops that get their reorders of Batman damned 1 put them on the shelves at cover put?

    • Tony D says:

      I really doubt it. I went to a couple of shops while out of town crossing my fingers they might have some copies floating around. One guy said he was getting more in but they would cost me at least $75.

    • Anthony says:

      There is a difference between possible and probable. It is possible but not highly probable.

  5. Eric R says:

    Tony, just 6 copies of Batman Damned? I’m kinda disappointed….

    Seriously, for what you could sell those for, you could get a nice Bronze age 1st appearance.

    I sold the two copies I could find and took the money and ran. 1st Batwang or not…

  6. Matt C says:

    Wow nice work on the Batman Damned..I missed out on that one for sure..Just picked up a few of your picks with the Fearscape, and Friendo, as well as Fantasmagoria – like the vintage cover and the price!

  7. A. King says:

    I was in a shop today and the guys were saying that it’s not the 1st appearance of the Batwang. He said it was seen in a foreign book, I think it was a European one, I don’t know.

  8. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    it is time to deliver the pimphand of doom. no stores I called or went to today had copies of batman damned. second of all. can and this is the comicpimp the strip club master the porn making member of this community talking now. can we please stopw ith the batwing ??I was talking about batmans penis before it was a speculation comic book back in 2019-2010 vivid entertainment put a little dvd called this anit batman xxx it parodies the batman 1966 t.v. show. to promot the dvd the new Yorker magazine did a story on the porno such a great porno movie. google this anit batman xxx without the sex . look at the sets the costumes Hollywood doesn’t even do it this good. but in thi new Yorker magazine they feature every verson of batman ever made in a two page spread . every batmanf rom the original bill finger/bob kane to the t.v. to the lego to the actor in this movie in the batman costume the ending says holy seamen does it take a porno movie to get the classic adam west series onto dvd?? I also belvie batman son of the deamon where batman and telia get it on make babies might be the first comic book of the bat&&&k. yousee right now I am trying to be p.g. family friendally as much as I would like to make every batman penis joke on the planet I am not going to because it is what I do. normally. I am calling gimmick infrigment stop acting like high school kids it is only a penis relax have some chips and read a grim fairy tales between rags#1 and this I will now say I told you so. I told you all. sex sells and that myf riends is why you should love America . sex sells and everyone is buying . don’t hate the game hate the players and don’t hate the players hate the game sex sells and I am so proud of it love you all stop the batdick jokes I am going to do a hidden gems and do nothing but batwing information I am going to climax the hell out of this topic #testify love you blind adm out

  9. Vann says:

    Adam—-does your landlord make you garbage bag your floors or what dude?

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