Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of September 26th, 2018

Welcome again to the corner of CHU where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears this week.
Whether it’s good things or things that just downright annoy me, I’m here to share my thoughts with you all.

NYCC 2018 Is One Week Away
Well, I’ll be there next Tuesday. Getting there early so I can hit up Midtown on a new comic book Wednesday while also doing a little exploring around town.
This makes me so happy that NYCC 2018 is upon us. This is now turning into a tradition as this will be my 3rd year attending. There’s nothing better than geeking out on all the new stuff, being surrounded by comics and artists while buying things I want to keep and also buying exclusives to flip, usually making enough profit that results in paying for the trip itself.
So if you’re attending NYCC this year, try and find me (I sound like those girls on the commercials). You all know what Anthony looks like, there’s a good chance he’s got me carrying his stuff for him or holding a spot in a long line.
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker
I wasn’t sure about this at first but the more I thought about it, the more I like the notion that Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the Joker.
I’ve liked most of his acting and this might be a nice twist to the Joker.
So I’m not going to set any expectations though, I’m just gonna sit back and see how it pans out. But I think it might work though. I mean what’s the worst that could happen, DC has another movie flop on it’s list of movies? All I know is, it can’t be any worse than Batman vs Superman or Justice League.
Batman’s Penis
I may not understand why people went nuts over Batman’s penis in the new Batman Damned book but okay, it worked and despite that it would have done well with sales despite the penis artwork.
Huge props to Lee Bermejo for creating success within a book that really shouldn’t be a huge deal anyways. We need more penis in comics anyways.
Perhaps we can get Boundless Comics (if you’re at work, don’t click that link, might have some NSFW images next to the eBay listings) to start doing raunchy covers of men since apparently there’s a lot of fans of this type of artwork.
Regardless of what you might think of this new book, it’s already a wiener, err, I mean winner on the secondary market.
Comics Starting Off or With A Number Zero
I know it bugs some but how many despise comics with the number zero in them? Count me as one of those. Spider-Geddon #0 comes out this week and that’s what got me thinking and hating on this.
Why not just start with a  number 1?
What’s worse than a number zero issue kicking off the new series? When they introduce a number 0 after they’ve got an issue 1 or beyond. If you work for any publisher and you’re reading this, just stop already. It’s just annoying and most books with the issue number 0 are already doomed before they’re printed.

Just want to throw out there that I revamped the new with a new theme that’s mobile friendlier. So if you like LEGO, check it out, I want feedback as I’m trying to add content regularly. I have some ideas on a new logo so hopefully find the time to get that done but it’s going to require actual legos for the creation.
That’s all for this week. See some of you all next week in NY if you’re going to the convention. Tell us what you’re liking or disliking for this week, last week or next week.

22 thoughts on “Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of September 26th, 2018”

  1. I don’t like when I pre-order books before their final order cut-off, for example let’s say for sake of argument “Batman Damned”, and then for some reason (despite asking for a reason and getting none) the outfit won’t ship tsaid book…

      1. Waiting for the ordered to be officially cancelled, or for them to ship me this week’s order before blowing my top..right now it’s not looking good…especially since my previous 20+ orders shipped by Friday the week of release.

        1. Well, Dave. I may regret this but I have an extra copy of Damned. If you wanted the book for PC and not to flip, I will sell you my extra copy for cheap.

      2. Still waiting for my copy of cover A to say shipped ordered it Thursday. Have a signed copy coverB from midtown but that will be at least 4months if not a year from dynamic forces.

      3. @JayClue I have no intention to flip ever. I really was looking forward to this book to read and hold for the PC and looking forward to the what the DC black label series will bring. If it falls through I’ll let you know; I appreciate the sentiment.
        I am really just wondering if this is another “Batgirl 23 Middleton” fiasco where the shops are claiming they’ve been shorted by Diamond or if I’m just alone in Getting the shaft. I think this comic is a bit harder to fall for that scam as it didn’t pick up heat until after being in the shelves and peoples pull boxes. BG23 was already selling for $20-$30 in the days before release.
        Sent the company another email politely inquiring about the status, while pointing out is really peculiar when I review my previous 20+ orders this year and how I have 5 future orders with them (I.e., not wise to f with your loyal regular customers).
        So far I have not heard anyone else in my situation….So I suppose I’m still holding on to they’re just coming back from Megacon and things just have been really busy the past week…but if they start shipping me more books coming out this week and my Damned order sits unfulfilled…well, they need to do some ‘splainin!

        1. This would still be a $6 book if it didn’t have that first cameo appearance. Yes, it’s a cameo. Still waiting on the first full appearance. 😉

        1. Not sure. I know there’s a lot of hype on this one but it might level off as a $20 to $30 book.
          It’ll be interesting to see the initial print run on it. Some could have been put off by the odd size of the book and the retail price.

      4. @JayClue, So it was unknown comic books that I ordered the book from. After 3 emails and a couple phone calls I finally got someone to answer why my batman damned #1 had not yet shipped. A woman who answered the phone said the order hadn’t been fulfilled yet because it was missing part of the order…that part was a comic that came out the week before (Champions 24, released on 9/12). It appears they may had set aside my batman damned and another book on 9/19, but neglected to put it with the 9/12 book….fortunately eu still had it in stock and put it with my order and now it’s showing up as ready to be shipped…so I’m crossing my fingers now it’ll all be ok.
        Btw, about 39 minutes after I spoke on the phone I got a reply to my email that said the reason it hadn’t shipped yet was because they don’t ship books until 7-12 days after the last book is released…first issue I have won that is that they’ve always shipped my books within 48 hours, so i know that statement wasn’t factual. Second issue I had is that the person obviously didn’t even bother to check on the order like the woman on the phone did for me. It literally took her 2 minutes and the problem was solved.
        So I replied back to the email reply and pointed out how their conclusion was flawed and the woman at the shop appears to have solved the real issue.

    1. I really dispose issue #0s. Ok, if it’s a preview coming out prior to issue #1 or a free comic book day promo, fine…whatever…but this gimmicky she-it about coming out in parallel with issue #4 and they’ve got SHOP VARIANTS and incentive covers as well?! WTF?!
      Just do the classy thing and show some penis, marvel. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  2. see you next week.maybe we can hook up for a meal that wensday night .take care love you all nycc will reek of awesomness blind adam out

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