Batman Damned Not to Be Reprinted Yet, and Issue 2 Pushed Back

Hope you didn’t flip all your copies of Batman Damned #1 because it will not be reprinted, well, at least not just yet.

With recent sales in $60 and up range and sets going for $100 and up, Batman Damned #1 is a bonafide hit. The book was going to be reprinted, and the reprints were to be censored. DC put out a retailer notice that there are some changes to the series. First up, Batman Damned #1 will not be reprinted at this time. Batman Damned #2, available for pre-order now, has been pushed back to December 5th. The final issue, Batman Damned #3, will come out three months later, on March 13th.

So what do you think, will this increase the value of  Batman Damned #1 ?

28 thoughts on “Batman Damned Not to Be Reprinted Yet, and Issue 2 Pushed Back”

  1. Terrible choice on DC’s part…
    Over half the sales of Batman Damned 1 were to people who neither read nor collect comics. If there are no second prints of #1, why would a store owner (like… say for example… me) bother ordering extra copies of issue 2 for the shelf?
    No one is going to buy a copy of 2 if they can’t get a copy of 1. And few people are going to pay $60 to buy a copy of 1 just to read the story. They will trade-wait instead. If DC was rushing a second print of 1, I’d be ordering at least 50 of that, plus bump my order of 2 by 50 copies to match it. With no second print, not only will I not bump my order of 2, I likely will cut it back to subscribers plus 10 copies or so. Because I can’t in good conscience recommend a reader spend that kind of money when they can just wait for a TPB.

      1. If the comic industry works like the video game industry, I could see them scrapping the whole series. Now it makes u wonder were things even more gritty in #2 and they gotta tone some back??

      2. Maybe they are going to tone #2 back a little, which would suck. What’s the use in having a mature label a holding back? They probably didn’t read #1 and after everything said we better read #2 before we release it.

  2. So it’s tri-monthly, not bi-monthly now.
    Finally got a shipping notice from unknown comic books….we’ll see if my damn(ed) comic is in it!!

  3. Some companies just neveeeeerrrr cease to amaze me. The funny thing is they would make more money, so what’s the problem?? Comes in a close second to them leaking the Bats/Cats marriage thing. I happened to pull one bc you always pull Bats, its a law written on a stone in a cave somewhere. But there are people who actually read comics and similar to Metal or White Knight thought “I can wait for it or a second print will come”.
    It’s not like the story wasn’t good and the art was stellar also and something sooooo trivial as a half of a shadow of a wang its like crisis lockdown over there?? Like sweet butter biscuits, can we grow up a little here?? I’m amazed at how people just sit around waiting to be offended by stuff. And that my friends is the daily dose. Pope out. 🙂

  4. The only chance of the 1st issue maintaining value was making the rest of the series totally kick ass. If DC is putting off reprinting and extending the release of issue 2 for edits then this series is not going to accomplish what it set out to do because of being watered down. Speculators only “long term” hope on these was for the black label imprint to take off, not be watered down.

    1. Trust me, it’s not getting watered down. They’re probably trying to figure out how they’re going to top issues 1’s hype. How can #2 live up to #1s shocker?

      1. Keep throwing that idea out there….you never know…It a,most happens in white knight but they had the lettered put the word bubbles over her goodies….some day.

      2. Batman confesses his love for Robin perhaps, then there’s a Brokeback Mountain scene in the batcave? Fully nude girls is done all too often, that won’t top #1.

  5. Use back to the FOC question I think Anthony was going to look into on issue #2….I see Unknown Comic Books and Midtown Comics are only offering a 25% discount as opposed to their typical 35% for orders prior to FOC. So there may be some truth to the rumor….and perhaps wi all the hype they decided to reopen orders which meant pushing release dates back. My theory, anyways….along with adding more nudity.

  6. BTW, Batgirl 28 Middleton is starting to sell out. FOC was Monday this last week, and the cover was released today I think and it’s pretty sweet.

  7. Here’s my theory… I have a feeling they want to avoid the whining that would no doubt occur if they printed issue 1 again censored, so they’re avoiding it. But I think this points to the notion that they WILL print the uncensored version in the tpb/hc, and since that’ll stay in print forever, prices will plummet. What other reason would there be to not reprint a hit issue? Because people would feel ripped off if they don’t get the penis, or something? Same would happen in the trade.

  8. if they really want to top #1.have a bat-orgy. a nude Harley quinn cover with a bat-orgy. for #2& not sure for #3. and a bat-porn has been done beofr I have sceen it #testify. don’t sleep on those batmand ay white knight #1s either first cameo and preview of damned #1 love you guys blind adam out

  9. The only thing driving this spec is the appearance of the Bat Phallus .. which is fairly stupid, in and of itself .. if the Media had not lit into it, the spec would be substantially less, IMO .. neophytes buying the book because they heard about it on Colbert, etc ..
    It’s sad that the “Little Dark Knight” overshadowed the book itself, since it’s a good read / solid issue / I love the art .. John Constantine is a great character and when he’s around, you know the supernatural will follow ..
    “Elseworlds” ..

  10. DC acting stupid again. Following Marvels lead on making speculators money. Which is fine for anyone using this site. But bad for the company and probably the industry.
    I hadn’t thought of delaying the issue to make it more graphic. But I doubt it. They got enough flack over Batjunk. I think that Bermejo is behind in drawing it. Why else would you need 4 months between #2 and #3.
    Not reprinting #1 is pretty dumb. I’d rush a second print so people can get it, read it and order #2 ahead of time. Really curious to see how #2 sells with all this going on.

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