Steve Niles ‘October Faction’ Coming to Netflix

October Faction, the IDW Steve Niles book has been picked up for a tv show for Netflix. The TV show will be based off the 2014 IDW comic book series. 


Netflix has picked up two comic book related shows today that are worth being on the look out for. First up is October Faction which first appears in October Faction #1. Cheap copies blew off ebay following the announcement and copies are being listed around the $50 mark. Comichron has the print run listed as 9,181 copies. There were three covers for the book so about 3,000 copies per cover.


Based on the IDW comic book of the same name (written by Steve Niles). It revolves around two world renowned monster hunters, Fred and Deloris Allen. The two return home to upstate New York with their children after the death of Fred’s father. But as they settle into a life of normality, Fred and Deloris must hide their secret monster-hunting identities from their kids, while dealing with the fact that their quiet New York town isn’t as peaceful as it might seem.

The first season of October Faction will consist of 10 episodes and be run and executive produced by Krypton alum, Damian Kindler. He will also serve as director, alongside Director X (Superfly), Megan Follows (Reign), Mina Shum (Meditation Park), and David Frazee (Orphan Black).

Thanks to Matt Cox for the heads up.


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7 Responses to Steve Niles ‘October Faction’ Coming to Netflix

  1. Lonzilla says:

    Great! Now which box are my copies of #1 in???

    • Anthony says:

      Lol. I am trying to find mine as well. Found 6-8 but need to find 1-5 now.

      • Kevin Verdine says:

        No joke. I would love to re-board and bag all my books and get organized. I can’t find anything. While looking I found 1-6 infinity gauntlet all NM I forgot I had.

      • Anthony says:

        Nice! I need to reorganize everything. I had to have some ceiling work done in my basement where I film all the videos from. Had to move everything. 40+ short boxes down there right now. I also thought of just selling it all too. Lol. Cash in and start again.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I’m pretty sure mine got dumped off at the local half price books long ago when these were worthless. That’s what usually happens though with books I read and don’t even bother picking up after issue #1. I usually like Niles work but this book just wasn’t for me. When you start thinking about balacing the checkbook when you’re reading something, the writer has already lost you and you’re interest.

  2. A. King says:

    I need to find mine too. I know I have the 1st issue but not sure what I have after that.

  3. Jesus says:

    Nice, I can finally get rid of my #1s. Good thing I organized by books when I had 6 short boxes and 2 long boxes before I kept on collecting. I know where the books are, just need to pull and list. Those 3 hard months of organizing pays off. Thanks for the heads up.

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