Likes and Dislikes for the Week of October 3rd, 2018

Welcome again to the corner of CHU where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears this week.
Whether it’s good things or things that just downright annoy me, I’m here to share my thoughts with you all.

Is Charles Soule Really Going to Kill Daredevil?
So Charles Soule plans to end his run on Daredevil with the story arc titled “Death of Daredevil”. Very cliche right? What really grinds my gears is when deaths are pretty much announced like this in the story arc titles as this tactic kills all speculation and only creates anticipation of when, where, who and how. Of course, these usually fair well with the publishers since they’ll see a boost in print numbers and orders.
Besides the title of the arc, Soule has only mentioned in interviews he’s certainly leaving the fate of Matthew Murdock in a huge cliffhanger and the next writer that is taking on the task will likely not like Soule. So we’re not even sure if Daredevil is going to die and even if he does, it would be Matthew Murdock that dies. Anyone could become Daredevil who carries the same skills since Daredevil is unlike most other superheroes, he’s still just a mortal man.
I haven’t kept up on the series in quite a few issues but I’m going to do some real speculation of what could possible happen if Daredevil actually dies or something horrible happens to Matthew Murdock where he can no longer be the Red Horned Devil protecting Hell’s Kitchen any longer.
Marvel has been big on new characters and heroes picking up the reigns of our beloved long time Marvel heroes so who could take over? One character comes to mind and that character is Blindspot.
Blindspot has been pretty much an ongoing character sort of sidekick for Daredevil ever since Charles Soule and Ron Garney created him. Could the reigns of Daredevil be passed over to Blindspot or someone else? I think so and if this does happen, I think Blindspot has the best chance at becoming the next Daredevil. Of course that’s until Marvel brings back Matthew Murdock right?
Blindspot’s 1st Appearance is in All-New, All-Different Marvel Point One #1 (October 2015) which is pretty cheap currently. Not a bad pickup if this character does take over Daredevil duties.
Batman Who Laughs

You know what’s awesome? A Scott Snyder and Jock team-up on the new Batman Who Laughs that hit previews.
Seems lately the first appearance (well, the first full appearance in Teen Titans 12) of Batman Who Laughs has cooled off but hopefully this new series kicks off some more demand.
Besides Teen Titans 12, some other key issues are Dark Nights Metal #2 which is a cameo first appearance and most online sources still claim Dark Days The Casting as his first actual appearance.
Dark Days The Casting just doesn’t carry the same command as Teen Titans since the first appearance you really can’t make out the character at all. But for any fan of this character, I still think it’s a must have for the collection.
Piss Poor Packaging
I’m sorry Antarctic Press but I’m calling you out. There’s nothing worse than amateur packing for shipping comics. That’s exactly how to describe your packages for books I bought from your website directly.

You all like the “Do Not Bend” all over the package? Yes, Antarctic Press threw 3 comics in single bag with 1 backer board in just a plain manila envelop. No cardboard, no other protection. They were better off just slapping the mailing label and stamps right on the comic to send.
These were Rags #1 as well, which are selling quite well still. They suffered some corner damage which to the right person might could press out but I’m not that optimistic.

Maybe I really need to do a “How To” on how to properly package comics. I mean, I don’t like to brag but I’ve never had a comic get damaged during transit and you wanna know something else, the only expense I have is thick packing tape I get in bulk off Amazon, well, printer ink and paper but that lasts for ever when it’s just black and white. Maybe I should change my name to Secret Agent Packer…   nah, that sounds a bit too dirty.

That’s all I got this week. After getting my Antarctic Press package in the mail today (Sunday, because it was just too rainy to walk and get it on Saturday), I’m just not in the mood as it’s just gonna be a lot of dislikes anyways.

28 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes for the Week of October 3rd, 2018”

  1. I bought a comic this past week and it was packed with a backing board and wrapped in bubble wrap and put inside a box barely larger than the comic…no cardboard or anything to protect it if the box took a tumble or hit. Of course, it did take a side impact, remarkably the comic looks like a 9.8 despite the jarring.

  2. what will it take . for you to dress up as a chicken and walk the floor of nycc in a chicken costum love you all blind adam out?

      1. That and free tickets for each day you want to do it. comicon, aside from Halloween night, is probably the only time you can do that and people not even give you a second glance.
        Although flipping through a vendor’s stash with chicken wings/claws might be a bit challenging…

    1. Maybe but if Donny Cates taking the reigns of of Guardians of the Galaxy, his time might be limited. If they really do do away with Matt Murdoch for a while, I would totally welcome Blindspot taking the reigns of Daredevil until Murdoch comes back.

    1. Well, as of 1 business day and an email sent yesterday, no response from their customer service as of yet.

        1. True. I’ll make my money back. What really bothers me is ths total lack of even trying to protect the books though. If you don’t go the extra mile to impress your customers, you shouldn’t be in business.

    1. I have them listed, auction listings too. Any CHU reader here wins any of them and I’ll waive shipping if you holler at me.

  3. From CGC regarding why Marvel Team Up #141 says tied on its label for first suit Black Spiderman even though they know ASM #252 has an earlier on shelf and ship date.
    “We have been aware of that information that the customer is speaking of. However, CGC doesn’t currently identify books by the release week, we go monthly and only identify the book’s publication date by the month that is printed on the cover or stated in its indicia. Since monthly is how we identify and catalog all of the books that we grade, the same applies to how we generate our comments that we include on our label. And since they both were printed that same month, we recognize them as ties for the first appearance.”
    So according to this bullshit all three of those Batman Who Laughs books would be first appearance. Some characters must have 10 first appearances that should be tied according to cgc.

    1. That’s pretty asinine. They weren’t even published in the same month. People just butthurt that they didn’t jump on the 252 bandwagon are trying to undercut it, CGC too apparently.

    2. Don’t care what the label says or CGC for that matter. ASM 252 has always been the first app, fans know it and the prices between these two books will always reflect it.
      The public decides a books value or significance, not a grading company.

    3. I’d believe it. Perhaps they need to just classify them by what the actual author and artists claim is the first appearance. Just like The Winter Soldier, you ask Brubaker which one is the first appearance and he’ll tell you it’s #1 in that series, not #6 which everyone goes after.

    4. It really doesnt matter what CGCs policy is. The market decides the worth of any given book. And as far as 1sts are concerned. Yes, the label on a slab looks nice with that ‘1st’ notation, but again, that notation does not gaurantee anything.

  4. I went all out on Batman who Laughs #1. I even got ordered the DF signed copy. The only problem that I have with DF signed books is that your not guaranteed a NM book. Even though in my opinion they should make that priority since your paying top dollar for that book.

    1. I have two DF books that are Signed and then had graded. I bought them second hand on the internet Alias #1 signed by Bendis I paid $30 for and Avenging Spider-Man #9 Signed by Dodson I paid $5 for, both came back 9.4. Both books look perfect so it’s a shame they came back 9.4.

    2. The only problem I have with DF signed books is it takes them a year or more to get them. That’s the 3 or 4 I’ve ordered anyway.

  5. That’s how all Anartic Press books come my Trump stole Christmas was one of the most damaged books I’ve ever received. I order a lot of books from people that have no idea how to ship books it’s always a marvel to see one come through unscathed but it happens a lot for me. If it’s my normal postmans day off the bitch that covers those days will take a unprotected book fold it in half and shove it in the tiny half a mailbox I have, instead of putting it in a locker with a key in my mailbox.

    1. My recent purchase from the Oni store arrived in nothing more than an envelope. 5 loose books, boarded and baggged, floating in an envelope. It even crossed the border and went through customs. Every book was undamaged. A Christmas miracle.

        1. Yeah, I’ve had pretty good luck with them as well. I think Anthony told me he had a horrible experience with them but they fixed it by replacing his books.

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