Ice Cream Man Optioned by Universal/Syfy

Critically acclaimed Image Comics’ horror series Ice Cream Man by writer W. Maxwell Prince and artist Martin Morazzo has been optioned for television by Universal Cable Productions.

Ice Cream Man first appears in Ice Cream Man #1

From CBR

Fresh off the success of adapting Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s Happy! for Syfy, the television studio is developing an adaptation of the anthology horror comic book. Max and Adam Reid (Sneaky Pete) are attached to write the pilot episode and will executive produce the series along with Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, and Jake Wagner.

Launching from Image this past January, the fan-favorite series follows Twilight Zone-esque standalone tales of horror and fantasy linked by the dark ennui of suburbia and the eponymously sinister ice cream man going from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Prince had previously been nominated for an Eisner Award for his original graphic novel One Week in the Library before teaming with Argentine illustrator Morazzo on their IDW Publishing series The Electric Sublime.


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5 Responses to Ice Cream Man Optioned by Universal/Syfy

  1. Wow I was just looking at copies of #1 on ebay a few days ago..It’s one I missed out on but have #2 reg and variant.

  2. Jesus says:

    I sold my copy a month ago for $20. Wish I would of held on to it a little longer lol. Oh well…

    • Dave says:

      Same here. But I have one with a tear in the back cover that I didn’t see when I bought it. It’s about 1/2 inch in length. Couldn’t sell it for $2 before but will list it now!

      Will buy it now at $20 or best offer? What do you think? Rest of book is mint.

      • Jesus says:

        If I where in your shoes, I would put it up for auction and start the bid at $10. At least you already double your profit there.

  3. louierobm says:

    This could be a very cool adaptation! Cant wait!

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