Spoilers: Death of Inhumans #4

Death of Inhumans #4 is out this week. We get the answer to the Question, Who Is Vox? Place your guesses in the comment section before reading
Click the spoiler warning to see the redacted images.
Last we saw, Beta Ray Bill has stepped in to help the Inhumans. He really helps them…

Smashing isn’t always the most effective, because sometimes there is backlash….

When there is backlash, there can be casulaties

Sorry Crystal… But we find out who Vox is. Secret Identity revealed

But wait, isn’t he dead? So maybe his powers were not based on Black Bolt’s powers…

Ah… his???

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    1. Did you read the issue? It’s a little bit more than what Tony showed. Definitely better than gamora. To be honest though, I don’t have an issue with gamora in infinity wars anyways. It makes sense. I have a bigger issue with them just basically redoing old events.

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