New York Comic Con Day One and Two Highlights

Anthony from shares his highlights. Fun time. The most money was to be made n Saturday for me, but more on that later. Here is the first two days. 

6 thoughts on “New York Comic Con Day One and Two Highlights”

  1. How much was Rob charging for signatures? He was charging an arm and a leg at SDCC that’s why I passed on getting a picture of him signed.

  2. Did you see the Batman 50 Jim Lee inked variant there? Very limited to the Diamond luncheon giveaway…. Blows the pencil 1:100 sketch away….

  3. Hey Anthony! Great video as always although I do disagree on the flipping. I’ve already flipped so many exclusives from this NYCC. Thanks to videos like yours Ive learned to do a lot of research beforehand in order to avoid buying duds unless its something I just want for myself. Many required getting there early enough to be in the first batch of people in the queue hall. Some examples, Mayhew variants, Mattina Foil, Scott Campbell Sets, the ultra rare Incapable Trump (2-3 hour lines), Rick & Morty, Do You Pooh(Chrome) and many others plus getting them signed at the con. And of course however had Funko access had a sure check there. It is exhausting navigating the floor between exclusives and signings. I managed to get a full short box with sigs including getting my ASM 300 signed by McFarlane and three Batman Damned signed by Azzarello and Bermejo. Bermejo also signed my program and pointed how the art looked better on the program than on the actual book. I had an amazing time. Thanks again for your contribution to the flipping community.

    1. Thursday was slow for me. I ended up getting a to. If stuff that I did well on. Thursday, because of getting there late, was very slow for me. Saturday i ended up with 6 Campbell Return of Wolverines, sold three sets of the Stranger Things Garbage Pail Kids cards, and so much more (a few Super 7 exclusives). So in the end it worked out well. I got a ton of Mattina signatures but Bermejo/Azzarello eluded me. I have gotten McFarlane sigs in the past so wasn’t chasing him. DC did a great job having free signings and was awesome. Not to mention the freebies.

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