Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 207th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

43 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I heard somewhere that DC is going to go back and edit all upcoming Black Label titles. That’s just saving me some money, too bad I already pre-ordered #2.

    1. I think it’s a dumb move. They created this new label to give the creators more freedom in their own creativity. Editing this goes against that entire idea.

  2. Scored another captain marvel 14 for cover price this week and 17 for 5$. Also got some grades from cgc too…cap marvel 14 cgc 9.6 and 9.2 Popeye 65 Len danovich cover 9.8, asm4 silk 9.6 and Deadpool 1 circle chase 9.8. Pretty happy with those.

    1. At NYCC I saw some dealers selling Captain Marvel 14 for $300 price range. I made money from the 3 I sold back in the day but man I wish I held until now. I still have a set of #14 and #17 though, I kept the best ones for myself for the long haul.

        1. I’m holding though on my last set. Ms Marvel only gonna get more popular more than likely. The day it reaches $800 or more I’m selling.

  3. will be picking up the catwaoman #4,suicide squad #47bs venom #7 . I saw venom today. it was#awesomesauce. loved it . scored two copies of the free venom comic they gave away witht he imax experience of the movie . love you all blind adam out

  4. I picked up catwoman variant x2, Suicide squad variant x2, wonder woman variant, and Cursed Calv #1. At $9.99, it’s steep but can’t imagine it would be heavily ordered. My shop had about 6 of them, and most had tears along the bottom edge.

  5. why does dc need to edit an adult comic mad3e for adults??? this whole black label thing is a clver p.r. stunt .debeating on what price to sell the batman damned nycc program variant for . took home a bunch of them . and ms marvel is super hot love you guys blind adam out

  6. Saw a raw omega 3 (1st lobo) for $70. Quick inspection looked like a 9.6 grade…thinking of going back and taking a closer look another day. Didn’t have time to inspect too close or the interior.
    I think lobo may pop soon. He’s making his small screen debut in Krypton this season, I heard. This is a cheap key right now.

  7. Picking up this week:
    Unnatural 4
    Plastic Man 5
    Catwoman 4
    In the mail:
    Walmart Halloween Swamp Thing Special: The Walmarts in my area are adding more Self Checkout units, reducing the number of regular checklanes and removing the checklane fixture holding MTG cards and comics. I was told that the vendor would no longer be supplying them so they would no longer carry them and that they were high theft items. Therefore, I had to buy mine on the bay.
    Cavewoman Jungle Tales 1 Frank Cho variant cover CBCS 9.6 SS: The book I had signed by Cho is arriving in the mail today. I believe it is the first Frank Cho cover on any book. There was a small barely color breaking bend at the bottom that I was told would not be improved by pressing.
    The Simon Bisley Sketchbook Kickstarter ended successfully today. I ordered one to come with a sketch of a character of my choice. It will be interesting to see Biz’s take on Plastic Man!

  8. Pickups for today:
    Venom 7 (cover A) – a lot of “dirt” on these. Grabbed the cleanest one I could.
    Venom 7 (secret -$15)
    Red Hood 27B (had about 5, but only one looked 9.8)
    Wonder Woman 56B – only one on the rack in between 40 foils…they had about 4 at the counter in a box where they keep marked up new variants. Didn’t ask…for mine for cover!
    Dredd Final Judgement (for Anthony if he wants it as he didn’t find one).
    Green arrow 45 (Foil) – saw this last week and loved it. And when I found out it was Maleev had to have it. Nabbed a 9.8ish copy. Most had corner damage.
    What if Punisher (action figure variant) – isn’t this the first spider man/punisher mashup? May go back for cover A on a hunch.
    True Believers Gwen Stacy
    Dark Avengers 1 Convention Sketch Variant (untouched for $2.50!!

  9. Big week of pick ups!
    Spook Show #2
    Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1
    Suicide Squad (Mattina cover X2)
    Red Hood (Putri cover X2)
    Wonder Woman (Frison cover)
    Elric White Wolf (cover A X2)
    Vader’s Castle #2 (Francavilla sketch variant for cover price)
    Solo #1 (1:25 variant for $15)
    Venom #7 (tongue variant for $8)
    Spec pick ups for the week:
    Warrior Nun Areala (Antarctic Press 1994) #1 for $3
    X-Men Legacy #252 (Endgame) $1.50
    Vader’s Castle #1 (1:100 for cover price)
    Ice Cream Man #1 (2nd print) for cover-with the TV series being announced even 2nd printings are going for $12-$14
    Good hunting everyone!

  10. My LCS has anew policy of one “cover” per customer. I found that our when I tried to grab 2 Wonder Woman’s. Honestly, I don’t mind. Sure, it hurts the ability to flip one and keep one, but I at least have a shot to get some variants that I would otherwise miss out on because I can’t get there when the shop opens.

    1. We had to do something similar several months ago after the same 4 or 5 guys would come in every Wednesday morning and try to buy 3-4 copies of every hot book (and nothing else). We aren’t dumb. We know which books we could hold back and sell for more if we wanted to. But when we put them on the shelf it’s to give as many people as possible a chance to get something cool. If all we cared about was selling out, we would just hold all of them back and dump them online.
      Restricting to one per person usually only adds a few hours to how long the hot books last. They sell out around 4pm instead of around 10:10am. But at least more different collectors get to grab something cool for cover price.

      1. I don’t have any problem with restricting sales of “hot” books to one per customer. Even with stores that don’t have that, I limit myself to a max of 2 copies of a single book. Even though I love flipping books and the thrill of the hunt, I don’t want to be that kind of customer or drive the perception of the scummy spec buyer. Just my honest opinion…

  11. All of the non-foil covers except Catwoman 4 were sold out at my lcs before the doors opened. No Venom 7 variants on the shelf. Batman Damned were pulled the week they came out and are now wall books for $30 & $40 each. That being said, I still love my lcs.

  12. Hello again! Not a whole heck of a lot to report on here. Been pretty low key except for my regular Wednesday grabs lately getting ready for the baby. We’re getting closer! Scary thought!
    This week I grabbed:
    Avengers 9
    Birthright 32
    Detective Comics 990
    Infinity Wars 4
    Ninja k 12
    Oblivion Song 8
    Spider-Geddon 1
    Spiderman/Deadpool 40
    Supergirl 23
    Superman 4
    Amazing Spiderman 7
    Flash 56
    Venom 7
    x-23 5
    The other DC foils
    Walking dead 1 anniversary edition non blind bag
    Walking dead 1 anniversary edition – got b&w
    Walking dead 19 anniversary edition – got b&w virgin
    Walking dead 100 anniversary edition – got colour

    1. Fwiw, don’t mention your LCS’ name here if they sold you TWD blind bags. Official street date on those is Saturday and Diamond sent several emails to retailers warning them not to sell them Wednesday. If you like your LCS, don’t out their mistake here. 🙂

      1. While it is early Cho, I don’t think it is his first published work or cover after doing a bit more research. He did the cover for his University2 trade. He did the cover for the 1997 Small Press Expo anthology comic (which I found in my collection for a different reason) and had a piece in the 1998 Small Press Expo. I think this is his first great cover. The SPX ’97 cover is of Moses bringing a stack of comics down from the mountain accosted by apes in a Planet of the Apes-type scene. It contains some Frank Cho, Todd McFarlane, Marc Hempel, and Charles Vess early works.

        1. University2 was a collection of his newspaper strips from his college days. Also i think University2 came out afterwards. From what Frank has said, this was his first. But I defer on it. It is typically considered his first published work. I do love Cavewoman and Cho’s work.

      2. I thought so too until I saw the cover to the SPX ’97. I also just took a peek at the census data for CGC. It looks like there are 2 CGC 9.6 as the highest grade. No SS in CGC. I am not aware of CBCS census data. It is possible that I have one of the highest graded copies and possibly the only SS.

      1. I dropped off the book on 8/17/18. Used a Fast Pass and no pressing since there was a very small color break. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with CBCS even with the move.

  13. Only things for me today were.
    Catwoman and Wonder Woman b covers
    The DC horror one-shot the shop I went to had a ton of these like 30 or more so I don’t know how underordered it really is. This same shop had the Venom tongue variants for $30. I can see $10 maybe $15 but come on. The cashier was telling another customer that they almost put them out with the rest of the comics for cover price.

  14. The Source is an interesting book out from Scout comics next week and if anyone is interested the Scout store has an ashcan and a limited glow in the dark cover which might be the same glow cover hitting the shops next week.

  15. On vacation his week in florida. Dodging Michael.
    So I hit an lcs near the airport that orders ample quantities of most everything. The list is above, but then hit a few shops local to Orlando. Grabbed the following from that shop:
    What if Punisher (regular cover)
    Deadpool 6 GPK cover (can’t believe one was still on the shelf – got for cover price)
    Supergirl,43 (2009, Middleton cover art) – $3
    X-men legacy 249 & 253 – $3.50ea
    Moon Girl & DD 7 regular cover – $3.50
    The rarest/HTF issues today seemed to me Wonder Woman variant and the red hood variant (not counting th secret variant). Ive only seen two Dredd Final Judgement all day after 4 shops. So that might be scarce.
    Saw many many suicide squad Martinas and DC Cursed Calvalcades, as well as the Catwoman artgerm cover. They may be sold out online, but seems like most shops ordered decent amounts.

  16. Red Hood & The Outlaws #28 Cover B Putri does her magic again. Anthony will be talking about this one as a killer B cover. Grab it where you can now. Found copies at goldapplecomics

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