Potential Flip Idea – High Risk Flip – Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1

For those that missed out on Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1, Midtown has 10 total back in stock currently at time of me clicking the publish button.

These are still selling for around $18-$20. But this is a high risk flip currently as there are over 80 current listings on eBay.
But for those that missed out if they’re local shops didn’t get any, here’s your chance to get this for under cover price (of course, we have to count shipping so buy a few other items to make it worth the purchase). Still beats paying $15+ on the secondary market.
I’m sure they’ll be gone quickly though, so good luck.

5 thoughts on “Potential Flip Idea – High Risk Flip – Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1”

      1. Newly listed auctions at $10.99 suggest that this is a very risky proposition. Unless you get it for cover or less, I would avoid it.

        1. Yup. That’s why I did put in the title “High Risk Flip”, not only due to flip price but just the amount already listed.

  1. I saw a TON of these last Wednesday….I did notice they were susceptible to finger prints on the back cover, but due to the sheer amount I saw and he high initial investment of $9.95 I decided against it. But I like the idea behind it, so maybe it’ll hold long term. I’m on limited funds so had to be a smart/safe buyer Wednesday.

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