These Savage Shores – Quick Flip Potential

Here’s another book that’s selling at or around $10 or more on the secondary market that is now back in stock at Midtown Comics. That book is These Savage Shores #1.

At the time of writing, there seems to be around 18 left in stock. So you’ll want to act quick if you missed out or want to attempt that quick flip potential.
Cursed Comics Cavalcade sold out within minutes after posting they were back in stock at Midtown earlier.


5 thoughts on “These Savage Shores – Quick Flip Potential”

  1. Another book that ive done well with since last Wednesday is cover A of What if? Parker became The Punisher #1. Ive been selling them for around $12-$13, shipped.

    1. It was a good read too, imo. I really liked how the story came full circle and how they incorporated Frank Castle.

    2. Very nice. I was likely going to add that one on the week in review that’s scheduled for Wednesday. 🙂
      I did these quickies since they were selling pretty well and were back in stock online for normal retail cover prices.

    3. I bought 1 of each cover Wednesday. One for the PC (and to read) and the other to possibly flip one day. Feel like this “mashup” could have legs down the road. We’ll see…

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