Free Comic Friday: Rick and Morty #41 And Man Eaters #1 BTC Variant

Up for grabs… Four sets of Rick and Morty #41 and Maneaters #1 Big Time Collectibles Variant sets.

These are thanks to Big Time Collectibles for the books. The books are free we just ask you pay shipping (shipping/bag and board/mailer costs) of $6. These go to the first four that comment below and email me at I will comment back when they are confirmed.




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Collector of comics for 30 years.
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34 Responses to Free Comic Friday: Rick and Morty #41 And Man Eaters #1 BTC Variant

  1. Mike E Bernardo says:


  2. Eduardo Negron says:

    Did i won

  3. Steve says:

    Sweet! Did I win?

  4. S Mealer says:

    I would love a set!

  5. Joseph Fraser says:

    I’ll buy them.

  6. Eduardo Negron says:

    🎉You are awesome 🎉

  7. William Zwissler says:

    I’m in!

  8. Michael Cox says:

    Michael Cox

  9. Jonathon Hall says:


  10. 210contact says:

    Very cool! Wish I had won… Maybe next time!

  11. D-rog says:

    Maneaters #1 is an obvious swipe at the Middleton Batgirl 23….maybe y’all knew that though.

  12. Guillermo Gonzales says:

    Pick me!!!!

  13. Black Bolt says:

    Dang! Late as Always 😦

  14. Calvin Philpot says:

    I would like a set.

  15. Brennan says:

    Great giveaway Tony! Keep fighting the good fight!
    Too bad I missed out this time!

  16. David Bitterbaum says:

    I need to quit just checking the site daily and visit anytime WordPress notifies me you have a new post so that I’m ready…

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