Quick Flip Potential – Stranger Things #1 Midtown Mattina Signed Copy

Here’s a quick flip potential. Midtown has their Exclusive Stranger Things Mattina Signed Variant for only $10. That was the same price as the unsigned copy.

These are selling for double the retail price currently with a few in the $30+ range and most listings for $40 or more.
They’re limited to 1 per customer so make sure to make it worth the shipping costs for one book or that just eats into your potential profit. Click the image to link to Midtown.
I actually bought my regular copy while in NYC, should have known since he was signing books at their booth they’d have the signed edition a few weeks later for the same price.

13 thoughts on “Quick Flip Potential – Stranger Things #1 Midtown Mattina Signed Copy”

  1. I also purchased a copy from Midtown and then went through Mattina’s line and didn’t have it with me so I grabbed another one and had it signed. Then ordered another copy a few days ago.

      1. Tempting, tempting…
        I need that cover to go along with my ash can, and the other 4 covers for the PC.
        Shoot me an email, maybe we can negotiate lol

        1. Yeah, I’ll let you know if I’m selling after it arrives. I might replace the non-signed copy in the PC with this one.

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