Mel V.'s Variant Picks for October 31, 2018

What Up CHU? Mel V here with your weekly Variant Picks for Oct  31st, 2018. Happy Halloween CHU! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year. Before the evening of Trick or Treats I have some morning variant treats for ya ..Lets get into it

Hex Wives #1 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover – I read the ASHCAN NYCC Preview.. loved the book, this has sleeper hit written all over it.. Sweet B cover by the lovely Jenny Frison

Ice Cream Man #8 Cover B Variant Vanesa Del Rey Cover  – my Wife hates clowns ..I showed her this cover and she damn near lost her mind..Creepy AF ..crazy crazy cover I love it

Justice League Dark And Wonder Woman Witching Hour #1 Cover B Variant Riccardo Federici Cover (Witching Hour Part 5) – These witching hour covers have been fantastic instant double the cover day of release

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #50 Cover C Incentive Gerardo Zaffino Variant Cover – Violence sells and looks good on this cover Classic Wolverine getting busy at what he does best…. Rumors of a death

Stranger Things #2 Cover B Variant Greg Ruth Cover – 2 for 2 for great covers in this series. This is in my pile to read

Tony Stark Iron Man #5 Cover C Variant Greg Horn MKXX Cover – The return of Stark’s brother.. I heard it’s a interesting story line coming…  stay tuned

Avengers Halloween Special #1 Cover B Variant Gerardo Zaffino Cover – Freakish cover, Marvel Mashup dream cover

X-Men Black Emma Frost #1 Cover B Variant Salvador Larroca Mugshot Cover– nice rendition of Emma Frost

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