Quick Spoiler: Skeletor Gets an Upgrade of Power.

Injustice Vs. Masters of the Universe #4 is in stores tomorrow. It features several deaths, on both the DC side and the MOTU side. But one character gets a power upgrade from an unlikely source, and it is pretty bad-ass.
So, who could give a bad-ass skull faced wizard a power upgrade?

Ah… there we go.

6 thoughts on “Quick Spoiler: Skeletor Gets an Upgrade of Power.”

  1. I’d like this more if it was in a He-Man stand alone series. The mashup of Universes is what makes this not as appealing to me.

  2. Right– hence my post that it will be happening in January. Just wanted to give a heads up on where the story is headed. Enjoying this series immensely.

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