Spoilers: Daredevil #610, A New Villain

Daredevil #610 is in stores tomorrow. It features the first appearance of a new foe for Horn Head. check him out below.
Granted, I a not sure it is not all some dream world, considering Elektra is back around, but Daredevil introduces a pretty creep and intense new villain.
We get a look at him.

And a name.

Thanks again to our friends at Comic Book News and Speculation for the heads up.

20 thoughts on “Spoilers: Daredevil #610, A New Villain”

  1. Looks like a cool character. I’d like to see some recent DD villains on the show, like Muse for instance.
    Anything big happen in Black Panther 5?

    1. And in cases like this, people send me heads up on books to look for. Sometimes it is retailers, creators, or other sites. This was a case where someone sent me the info to check out.

    2. Looks like it’s two panes in issue #609 from what I’ve found.

      Survey says.. it’s just a cameo, not first full appearance. 😉

      1. Just got back from my LCS and I was able to pick up the last 4 copies of Daredevil 610, just 30 minutes after they opened. Checked eBay and there aren’t many comics listed, although Midtown still has copies available. Low print run?

  2. Following in the footsteps of recent “new” villains like Requiem and Vox, I think Vigil will eventually lose his mask and reveal that he’s actually Ikari.

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