Stan Lee has Passed away

Very sad news coming across the Internet that comic book legend Stan Lee has passed away
The rumor has gone across the Internet before but sadly this time it appears true. Stan Lee Had his hand and creating some of the most iconic comic book characters. He has also made cameos in multiple comic book movies.
Of course, based on the news, signed Stan Lee comics, have been selling like crazy.

13 thoughts on “Stan Lee has Passed away”

  1. Damn…. Thanks for all the memories you enhanced with your creations Stan! You are the man and always will be! Time to see your beloved wife again. Nuff said. 🙁

  2. Came in from mulching, raking, blowing leaves all day. Noticed my AF15 reprint signed by Stan Lee finally sold after posting for about 4 months. Was very excited, but then saw the news and dampened MY mood a bit. I kind of knew that might happen (a bump in interest in his signed comics after he passed).
    The man lived a very full life and we should all rejoice in that he stayed with us and was an active participant and embassador to comics and superheroes who taught us valuable life lessons.
    Thank you Stan!

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