Spoilers: Venom #8, The Return of Two Symbiotes?

Venom #8 is in stores tomorrow. It continues Donny Cates epic run on Venom. It has been really groundbreaking if you haven’t been reading. This week’s issue is full of surprises, a cameo from a dead Venom, and the return of something else…. Check the spoilers out below:
Click the image to see the redacted image.
Good old Eddie goes to visit a former Venom.

One that The Maker is interested in.

Well, the Maker is not interested in the host, as much what may remain in him…

Eddie absconds with the sample. And when it joins Eddie…

We get the return of this Venom along with the consciousness of….

But the Maker isn’t the only one interested in the samples.

To bring this guy back…..

9 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #8, The Return of Two Symbiotes?”

  1. Carnage just had a series of his own until recently (few months back)
    Did he die there?
    There was also Minimum Carnage that came out after the RIP in Space by Sentry.
    When his latest run ended I lost track of Carney!

    1. I have Carnages series from 2016-17. It lasted 16 issues and the last issue was released in March 2017. Cletus is alive in the last panel of the last issue of that series. He was however separated from his symbiote (which then leads to the symbiote being used by Osborne for Red Goblin). Cletus was imprisoned in that last panel I formerly mentioned. Perhaps we get some back story about he died while he was imprisoned.

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