The Source #1 From Scout Comics Goes Back for Second Print.

SCOUT COMICS AND ENTERTAINMENT is proud to announce that THE SOURCE #1 by Don Handfield, Joshua Malkin and Leno Carrvalho has completely sold out and has gone back to a second printing.

THE SOURCE is the story of Bennett Miller, a high school teacher in East St Louis who still lives with his grandmother. One day, Bennett is approached after his class by a mysterious old woman, Ms. Putnam, who tells him that magic is real… and he’s the one prophesied to return it to humanity. The only problem…it’s been outlawed for thousands of years by the ancient Few, a powerful sect who hoard it to prolong their own lives…and will stop at nothing to keep it secret. THE SOURCE is based on true history, real legends, actual folklore and myths.
Please use Diamond code SEP188132 to order THE SOURCE #1 2nd printing coming to stores December 2018.

8 thoughts on “The Source #1 From Scout Comics Goes Back for Second Print.”

  1. Does anyone else find scout comics website t be EXTREMELY SLOOOWWW!!!
    Tying to take advantage of the special promotion today through Key Collector Comics…and can’t even get to the comic store. This has happened before too.

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