Another Contest – Deadpool #5 Nic Klein Garbage Pail Kids Variant Giveaway

You miss out on the Deadpool Garbage Pail Kid Variant? Well, not so much a variant but an Awesome Cover A.

If you haven’t read my October Review 2018 Part I, this book is still selling between $10-$15 with some recent sales.

But here’s your chance at a free copy. The rules are simple, just read below on how to enter. Most of you all know it’s pretty simple, make a comment with your name and that’s it.

Contest rules are easy, just comment below with your name or WordPress handle (for those concerned about privacy, I understand since I go by an alias as well).

1. One entry per person via comment on the website.
2. Poyo pays for shipping within United States. I ask if you are international you chip in for shipping costs.
3. Contest ends after a day (24 hours) goes by with no new entrants or after one week, which ever comes first or when I remember to check (contrary to popular belief, I have a life outside of CHU).
4. Winner to be selected randomly.

Good luck!


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I'm just a chicken, who loves hanging around and I also started, a site I hope carries the same success for those that love and sell Legos.
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91 Responses to Another Contest – Deadpool #5 Nic Klein Garbage Pail Kids Variant Giveaway

  1. Jason Dhalle says:

    Jason Dhalle

  2. Eddie Lyons says:

    Eddie Lyons

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    Mike Johnson

  4. Chris Ahart says:

    Chris Ahart

  5. Jose Santiago says:


  6. Alexander Kanegai says:

    Alexander Kanegai

  7. A. King says:

    A. King

  8. Burton Xie says:

    Burton Xie

  9. John F. says:

    John F.

  10. J. Coleman says:

    J. Coleman

  11. Tyler Schuber says:

    Tyler Schuber

  12. Yullin Chui says:

    Yullin Chui

  13. NotJon says:

    Jon S

    Thanks again!

  14. deganash says:

    Thomas Albert

  15. Adam steeves says:

    Adam Steeves

  16. David Mc Barron says:

    David Mc Barron

  17. Brett Evans says:

    Brett Evans

  18. Cyber Golem says:

    John Dye

  19. Aaron says:

    Aaron Sparks

  20. Tavis Dowhaniuk says:

    Tavis Dowhaniuk

  21. Mike Fechner says:

    Mike Fechner

  22. Jay Nelson says:

    Jay Nelson

  23. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    blind adam this book is amazing I so need this and it would be nice to have a cool Christmas gift for once blind adam out

  24. Calvin Philpot says:

    Calvin Philpot

  25. Mike Satz says:

    Mike Satz

  26. Justin Heimer says:

    Justin Heimer

  27. Anthony Leiggi says:

    Anthony Leiggi

  28. Black Bolt says:

    Black Bolt

  29. Jordan Yates says:

    Jordan Yates

  30. Vernon says:

    Vernon W.

  31. Jim Hayes says:

    Jim Hayes

  32. Ammar Zaidi says:

    Ammar Zaidi

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  34. MD says:

    Mike Danforth

  35. Sean B Jenkins says:

    Sean B Jenkins

  36. Eric Miller says:

    Eric Miller

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