CHU Deal: Teen Titans #1 NYCC Variant

So from time to time I have offered up books cheaply, variants, exclusives, and such, we did the Venom movie variant a few weeks back. We have another one tonight. Teen Titans #1 NYCC (Non-Foil) Variant.

I found a box I hadn’t unpacked from New York Comic Con and found these in it. I have sold a bunch of them since NYCC but figured I would offer them up to readers who didn’t make it to the con.

So the deal is, $3.99 a copy plus shipping. for the Teen Titans #1 NYCC (Non-Foil) Variant I have 14 copies available for grabs. If you grab a couple you will pay a greatly discounted price, 1 copy is $7.99 shipped, 2 are $12.48 , 3 copies would be $16.97.


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19 Responses to CHU Deal: Teen Titans #1 NYCC Variant

  1. Mike E Bernardo says:

    Awesome books man, thanks again for a great deal 👌👌👌

  2. William Zwissler says:

    I’ll take 3!

  3. David Bitterbaum says:

    I just got one. Thanks!

  4. Ken M. says:

    Snagged one, thanks.

  5. Yullin Chui says:

    I’ll take three if still available.

  6. Cyber golem says:

    Ugh all gone!!

  7. Cyber golem says:

    Titans is pretty good. The wifey likes it too. She’s into crappy demonic stuff go figure.

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