Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 89

Greetings my heating up family. Love you guys. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. This week I want to start off by saying rest in peace Stan lee. Thank you or your creations. Thank you for the convention memories. Met him at least tent times in the last thirty years. Stan will be missed. Love you tan. Immortal hulk #8 was comic of the week. I am loving this version of the hulk. All we need is a chip inserted in the book to play the lonely man at the end .now let’s make some money on some comics cause you can’t teach that

  1. Immortal Men #1 – this is an appearance by the Batman Who Laughs. When the miniseries drops in a few weeks, all Batman Who Laughs books will be on fire again. These have small print runs, are cheap, and worth the pickup and read $3-6
  2. Immortal Men #3 – Batman Who Laughs right on the cover. This needs to become a     wall book Batman Who Laughs is just amazing $5
  3. Wizard Magazine the Pokeman Special #1 – that Pokeman trailer was fun as heck. I just think this is a fun pick up that will not break the bank and a must for any Pokeman fan    $1-5
  4. Helen Keller #1 – this is an indy comic written by Arrow-verse show runner Alex Kreisberg and drawn by Matt Rice. First off, the person this book is based on is a fraud, a lie, a fairy tale. This Keller woman was made up just to scare blind and deaf children in doing well in school. I think she is as real as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or even the weed fairy. Not real, however, the water scene looks great and a blind deaf woman kicking butt and taking names is just great $5 and up
  5. Ren and Stimpy Exposed – Ren and Stimpy is almost 30 years old (in a few years anyway). When researching them for a fan film, I was looking for rare Ren and Stimpy books and came across this great book. Billy West, signature series at conventions. I believe Bob Camp will be at the Big Apple convention on March 9th & 10th 2019 $10 and up
  6. Adventure Comics #341 and #342 – I am loving the live action Brainiac 5 on Supergirl. Best part of the show. I hope one day we get to see Computo on the show as well as Bizzaro. Computo was such a classic story and reading the history of the Legion hurts me and my so called brain $10 and up
  7. Batman #159 –  Joker vs Clay Face, classic cover nuff said
  8. Teen Titans #23 (New 52) – Please don’t be a hater. Check out the live action Titans. It is an amazing take on the show. This is an appearance by the shows big bad, Trigon, Raven’s father.  Go after the non-3D cover. I still say these villain books have much room or growth and this is a good one $3-5
  9. Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #50 – origin of the Joker toxin. Upcoming Tom King story has the toxin in it. New Joker movie as well, always a good book to seek out   $5-10
  10. Batman Confidential #23 – sweet Joker cover, nuff said, happy hunting
  11. Amazing Spiderman #292 So Much Fun Variant – one day these So Much Fun Variant will be big money books. Just look at DC logo Whitman Variants and Canadian price variants. Just give it time. This is part of the marriage story as well as one of the best eras in Spiderman history $50-125
  12. Batman #13 Combo Pack (New 52) – One day these combo packs will also be in high demand this is my top choice for the ones to cherry pick now. Death of the family storyline joker and just a great addition to any Batman collection $10 and up
  13. JLA #40 (New 52) series Magic Mike variant – I  though the first Darkseid’s daughter was a big deal? I thought these movie poster variants did well in the after market or is that just the Batgirl price one? Well this is out there and worth a buy as I can see DC  doing something with Darkseid’s daughter someday $5-10
  14. Starfire #3  Cook variant  (New 52) – Once again the Titans is a great show. Don’t hate on Starfire look. It is a show for adults, and, say thank god for that. However Starfire is just a great bet right now. This variant could use  some more love as this series as a whole. Just fun times with star fire $30-50

Well that is it for this week.As always, thank you for everything. Thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life. Have a great week
Blind Adam out

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