Dead Rabbit Canceled and Recalled by Diamond Comics

Image Comics has canceled and ordered a mandatory recall of Dead Rabbit #1 and Dead Rabbit #2. Dead Rabbit is the new Image series from Gerry Dugan. Diamond has sent out notification to retailers to pull the books and send them back.

Speculation is going on that Image is being sued over the title of the book. People have mentioned a Dead Rabbit restaurant or it could be because of the ties to the movie Gangs of New York. Unsure as to why at this time. The book has been scrubbed from Images upcoming releases and is completely canceled.

Regular copies have been selling for $15 and up with sets selling for $27. Midtown did a signing not long ago, and signed copies are going for $25 and the variant going for up to $60.


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42 Responses to Dead Rabbit Canceled and Recalled by Diamond Comics

  1. agentpoyo says:

    “Back in the ‘90s, DEAD RABBIT was a prolific Boston stick-up man and hoodlum, until he took down one last big score and disappeared. Nobody ever discovered the truth: he retired to be with the love of his life. Now he’s back in the mask to save her, but no one—not his wife, the mafia, or the cops—is happy that he’s out of retirement.”

    Maybe because the plot sounds like it was almost directly ripped off from the same plot of John Wick?

  2. D-Rog says:

    If the series is cancelled and recalled, why would anyone want this book? Little baffling. Flip while you can.

  3. reebok pnd says:

    hp\ow long until optioned ?

  4. Black Bolt says:

    What the what??! That’s a great series.

  5. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    this could gain a cult flowing .there are recalled booksthat do quite well on the secondary mrket. never sceen this before. wondering why the complete cancelation?love you guys blind adam out

  6. melthemovieguy says:

    There was a cool NYCC of this as well

  7. How would they do this in theory? Release issue 3, renamed and just go on like nothing ever happened? Rereleasing issues 1 and 2 seems like a financial nightmare since everyone who originally wanted a copy probably has one. They rename and release it as a trade and call it a day? I really liked this book so I’m hoping for more of the story.

    Anyone know what Comixology usually does with something like this? My shop never received issue 1 (even though I ordered it) so I just subscribed digitally on Comixology for this series (I’ve been switching more and more to digital anyway).

  8. They may release it under another title.

  9. Steve Chambers says:

    I bought multiple copies of issue 1 standard cover on release as i thought at the time this story was very optionable. It would suit many actor 60+ as that full face mask means they dont need to do any elvis-foo to the bad guys themselves as a stuntman would step in. If its now a 30 dollar/ quid book for another reason than being optioned thats even better.

  10. 7Prime Comics says:

    There are copies available on Forbidden Planets UK website at cover…while they last or they take them down from the site

  11. Uncle Willie says:

    Highly doubtful it had anything to do with the film “Gangs of New York” (one of my personal favorites) ..

    Too bad, though .. it was a solid book with a “Dark Knight Returns” vibe ..

  12. D-Rog says:

    So let’s think about this and analyze the situation for a moment…

    A) What was the print run for each issue?
    B) What percentage of these comics were still available (shelf or online retailers) before the announcement?
    C) Of what was available, what percentage do you think are going to be sent back to image by the retailer (or other)?

    I’d bet less than 1% of the print run goes back to image. Meaning, it’s no more “scarce” being recalled as it was yesterday before he news Since it didn’t get recalled immediately up one release. the same number of copies out there exist today than yesterday. Just people are paying more for a comic whose series has been cancelled. It’s not even controversial in that there’s something offensive to masses of people (or a superhero penis was exposed). The series is over. The story, finis. Other than being considered “cool” for having the word “recalled” associated with it…there’s really nothing more to this story or comic.

    Boggles my mind, but I guess people like what they like. And if I come across one in the wild for cover I will not hesitate to purchase and immediately flip it to take advantage…and fund a few more comics I find cool!

    • Anthony says:

      Mine is not to wonder why mine is but to sell what others buy.

      • D-rog says:

        I hear that. I did hit a few small bit locals after work that I thought might have them…notta. Will hit the real LCS tomorrow when they open…but I’m not optimistic.

      • Anthony says:

        I sold a signed midtown copy I got for 10x what i paid. Love days like that. My sales have been off the charts lately. I got 600 free listings this month and capitalized on it.

    • Wren says:

      Who says it is over? They could always just rename it, and change the first 2 issues when it releases in TPB form. This spec is far from dead, IMO.

      • Anthony says:

        Absolutely. It could be renamed and brought back. Unless the lawsuit is over the character itself (himself) then that could spell the end.

      • Wren says:

        For sure. If it is over the specific character and not just his name, then there is a problem. Otherwise, it should be good.

  13. reebok pnd says:

    image need to provide chrome embossed die cut variants of some new title (1st printins) for each copy i send back

  14. agentpoyo says:

    The real question is.. what do I do with the digital versions I got for review? Do I email them back to Diamond.. 😉

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