Wednesday Winners

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nicer when some of those books are selling for multiple times cover price. Those books are the Wednesday Winners. We have a couple this week:
First up is one of my favorite covers of the week, Conspiracy (Zenescope) #1 The Illuminati Cover B   from Zenescope. What started out as a $4.75 book is now a $25 book. Is it any good, do not know, haven’t read it yet, but with two sales in the $25 range, up from $14.99 someone was blowing them out for, its a win. (Up to 5x cover)
We do not normally include store variants on the list but, Web of Venom Carnage Born Midtown Sienkiewicz Variant is worth looking at. While the Web of Venom #1 Carnage Born 1:100 Hotz Variant is starting to trend under ratio (currently at about $99 but some auctions going on could set the prices higher, or not) the Midtown variant is $12 and a flip at up to $24.  (1.5 to 2x cost)
Finally, one of the bigger dollar gainers of the week is Middlewest #1 Skottie Young 1:20 Variant Cover. Started out at  $104.99 Plus Shipping but undercutting set in and the book was selling at $59. Still not bad for a 1:20, however, the last copy did sell for $74 so it could be trending back up. (3-4x Ratio) 

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  1. I don’t really believe in any conspiracies but get a kick out of reading about them—especially really zany ones—so I asked my local comic shop to grab me a copy when I called and was told they had a single one left. I look forward to reading it and seeing if it lives-up to this apparent heat.

    1. I’m the same. I need some good ‘ol facts to back up things I believe in but conspiracy theories are definitely fun to read, I just think some take it a step too far in accepting such things.

      1. Project sunshine
        Gov’t poisened booze during prohibition
        MK Ultra
        Gulf of Tonkin
        Atrari games buried in desert (lol) etc.
        All these “believers” were crazy until facts came to light.

    1. I see this one as going the same route as MASK when it debuted. Sure there are the 80s fan boys but I don’t see the newer generation rushing out to buy these.

  2. Life is Strange #1 Main Cover is available at Midtown (limited to 1 copy) – selling for about 3 times cover at the moment,

    1. It’s sort of all over the place. Most recent auction ended at just around $8. One sold for $20 and another at $12.99. A bunch of MyComicShop listings sold them at $3.99.
      Still a bunch listed so I’d tread lightly if you do stumble upon them, I wouldn’t load up. Now that Midtown has them back in stock, even limited to 1 means prices might start coming back down since availability has gone back up.

  3. So I just finished Conspiracy.
    Pretty solid read- its a play on the current state of politics with a twist(?!), the illuminati are behind everyone we see in the media!
    Also Palm Springs is mentioned at the end of the book. Yes, there’s a ton of golf courses out here, but its hot as hell half the year and theres sand everywhere. Dont belive the… Conspiracy… to make you believe otherwise!

      1. Mmm i’d say it balances itself out. It starts heavily one sided but it leads into that being part of the titular conspiracy going on in the shadows.

    1. Ok thanks. I was interested in buying it for the story but after seeing the first 3 pages it looked to be politically agenda heavy (which I don’t appreciate in my comic books) and it gave me pause.

  4. That Midtown Carnage book I don’t get, I think it is one of Sienkiewicz’s worst covers. It looks so lazily done. I DID pre-order a Middlewest 1:20 though. And YES, next week’s Stephanie Hans variant will be comparable to the 1:100 ghost spider variant IMO. Not quite as high but I can see it going for several hundreds. Two out of the 40+ shops by me got a copy.

    1. there will be less of the hans than 1:100 SG1.. SG1 had 88k print run. ironheart 1 is on track for 30k-34k run. ironheart has no store variants either

      1. I just can’t back Iron Heart. Just feels like a cheap knock off character who deserves more justice and they could have made her way more cooler. Making her the typical teenager who’s snapping selfies and posing for the covers is just a turn off.

    2. I’m kind of over Sienkiewicz myself lately. Just seems like he’s not putting as much into his recent work. The Walking Dead covers he’s doing are just awful as well, at least in my opinion. And that’s not because I’m not on the Walking Dead bandwagon anymore, they just aren’t that good.

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