Quick Spoilers: Action Comics #1005 Red Cloud Revealed

Action Comics #1005 is in stores on Wednesday. It features the character Red Cloud, who first appeared in DC Nation #3 (cameo in advertisement) before getting a full first appearance in Action Comics #1001. Red Cloud was created by by Brian Michael Bendis as a foe for Superman. 
The Solicitation for the book promises a reveal of who the character Red Cloud is this issue.

The murderous mystery of the Red Cloud uncovered! Clark Kent draws closer to revealing a secret crime family that has operated for years in Metropolis, but the family’s enforcer-the mysterious Red Cloud-proves she’s a match for even the Man of Steel with an attack that leaves Superman breathless. Don’t miss the last-page shocker as we reveal the true face of the Red Cloud!

And as promised, they do.

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    1. With the short hair, headband, and cheesy newspaper joke, that looks like Robinson Goode to me. 1st App is in DC Nation #0. She’s a new Bendis character – beat reporter assigned to investigate the Red Cloud story, so the pieces fit, thus far.

    2. I know it’s true. Your response came off to me as snarky, although I’m sure you didn’t mean it to be. Damn text not able to convey emotion!

      1. I never mean to come off as snarky. 100% true that text doesn’t show emotion. I answered as some people don’t read the text and just go to the photos so I took I simple approach and just responded with the info we knew at the time.

    1. My wife claims Bendis has no idea how to properly write female characters. She liked the Jessica Jones show but read Alias and said it was horribly written.

    2. I dont see the correlation between the name Bendis used, and what Alanas remark implied. How is a cloud, of any colour, symbolic of menstruation? I do not know how to connect those dots.

      1. She’s unnamed, but that looks like Robinson Goode to me. Her 1st App is in DC Nation #0. The 1:250 Clay Mann cover would be the one I’d go for.

  1. What are peoples thoughts on the newest bogus Krap Collector app alert? Is the old debate of cosplayers in another universe, the true 1st of Gwenpool and Jane Foster as Thor, coming to light again? Or is some app and its accomplices buying cheap copies of made up spec and then telling its paying customers to jump on said book by an alert to their phone. Use your brain, folks. We, as a community, need to nip this shit in the butt.

      1. Deadpool vs Hawkeye #0 alerted as 1st appearance of Jane Foster as Thor and Gwenpool. This book predates EoSV2 and has a panel where two characters, on Marvels main Earth, are in a halloween parade, dressed as JF Thor and spiderGwen. Now, 1. This was debated pretty thoroughly on/near when the book came out. Nothing came of it (because there is nothing there). 2. Gwen Stacey is dead on Marvels Main Earth when this book was released, so how could it possibly be Spidergwen as we know her.
        The debate doesnt worry me, but an app sending alerts claiming this to be fact, is very troublesome for our hobby, imo. That app is pure pump n dump now. Fully trying to take advantage of new collectors.

    1. If have no issues with it. Like anything else, including this forum, you should do your own independent research and draw your own conclusions about how to use the infiormation. That being said, KCC has made me a fee bucks here and there. But I don’t pay for the full version either.

      1. You are 100% correct in the fact that people need to decide for themselves. My biggest issue with it, is that the ‘alert’ is confirming this as a hard 1st appearance. No debate. The apps owner is now completely defending his concrete 1st for those 2 characters, on the apps FB page. To me, blatantly spreading disinformation (in this case, the disinformation being the ‘confirmed’ 1st appearance, as stated by the app) like it is fact, to our community. This, in general, is bad for comics and thusly bad for speculators, long term, potentially. I deleted the app long ago as I feel dirty using it. In my mind, its guilty by association. I dont agree with the apps lack of standards, therefore I do not support it in any way, shape or form. The app needs to let the comic reading/collecting decide what is valuable and then reflect that information. Not the other way around, imo.

  2. LOL that’s not fair to call the App “Krap Collector” ..Now I do agree this Hawkeye 0 debate was put to rest a long time ago and it was no need for it to be brought up again,the Key Collector app does have a greater purpose than the alerts,and you cant front like the app didn’t break some great news in the past

    1. Perhaps it is not fair to call it that, but this honey badger dont give a f*ck. Its how I feel. 😎. I suppose it serves some purpose. But, so did tree leaves before we invented toilet paper.

  3. Hawkeye #0 is first appearance of the costumes in print. It runs along the same lines as Domino’s first appearance since it looks like Domino but it’s really Copycat.

    1. But I’ve been preaching DvsH #0 for awhile as well as others kinda funny for a spec app to be a few years late with widely known information as a breaking alert. There is a New Mexico comic con variant for the issue which I own.

      1. The thing is they could always write a book that explains Jane and Gwen went inter dimensional time traveling to reach Hawkeye or Deadpool and that’s how they appeared in HvsD #0 if that were to happen it would become first cameo for both characters. Always a safe bet to buy all books that could be considered a first when in doubt.

    2. Who the hell collects first costume (not on a hero) appearances? To each there own but, my biggest problem with this alert is; that it is claiming this is the 1st apearance. Your dimension jumping theory only holds water if there is a Marvel story, in print, that explains that scenario. And the fact that this was talked about and discussed when said book was released, as you stated, Alana. Which, to me, why this rehashed distinction distinctly reeks of p’n’d.

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