Spoilers: Black Panther #6 Finally the Answer

We first mentioned it here with Black Panther #2 and then again here with Black Panther #4, so we knew that Black Panther #6 was going to give us the answer, does Eric Killmonger have a Symbiote?
We have seen Killmonger with his costume several times. And each time it has looked like this

Now, we see his history, on an alien planet.

Where he discovers……

Boom… We were right all along! Makes  Black Panther #2 more interesting doesn’t it.

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      1. When you first wrote about this I picked up two of the 1:25. They were averaging $10 to $15 then. Not seeing any up right now so I am wondering what the going price will be. Need to dig one out and put it up for sale.

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