Spoilers: Further Proof Eric Killmonger has a *SPOILER* in Black Panther

A while back, two months ago to be exact, I mentioned the possibility that Eric Killmonger, aka N’Jadaka, could be in possession of a Symbiote. It all started in Black Panther #2, and now Black Panther #4 has a couple more clues it may be right.

The new Black Panther series takes place in space. So does Killmonger have a symbiote, because they are all the rage right now. Let us know what you think.

In Black Panther #2, we saw the tendrils coming off him (as seen two months ago), and the mask does look like a symbiote face. Now we see the mask doing a little moving of it’s own.

And the mask moving over his face.


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8 Responses to Spoilers: Further Proof Eric Killmonger has a *SPOILER* in Black Panther

  1. Daniel P says:

    Hmmm…. if it is a symbiote, does Black Panther #2 become valuable, is it this one, or is it a future first appearance of him fully bonded that we’d be looking for?

  2. Alana says:

    Think next issue will be the one to get.

  3. Wren says:

    Where’s the Oprah gif when you need it most?

  4. Steve Garza says:

    I would think that if this turns out to be a symbiote that Black Panther #2 would be the one.

  5. AL says:

    Well it can’t be to far fetched. I mean they are in space now with Wakanda being a Galactic Empire.
    What’s stopping Killmonger from getting a symbiote?

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