One Week Later Report for November 21st, 2018

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 11/21/2018.

We skipped the 14th due to the Holiday Week and nothing really took off. It was certainly not a very eventful week for books on the secondary market as most can be found at cover price or still available your local or online retail shops.
DC Books
No winners from this week. Most if not all of them you can find at cover price at your local retailers or online.
Marvel Books
Spider-Man Enter the Spider-Verse Animation Variant was somewhat successful book from this week.
It’s selling well but not much over retail prices of around the $10 range on average with a few reaching the $15 peak price.
Still not a bad pick up though. The retro cover is cool. Perhaps this one will catch more heat after the animation movie debuts.
The Video Game Matt Waite Variant which was also a cool cover ended up being an average $30 book itself, but with some retailers listing the 1:25 at the $25 range, not much profit if unless you found at cover price.
Solo A Star Wars Adaptation #2 Pacheco variant saw some success for those who got it for cheap.
Reaching as high as $38 with most sold listings in the $25 to $33 range, not a bad flip but not as successful as some of the previous ghost variants for these Star Wars adaptation books.
Indie and Small Publisher Books
The first indie book from last week is not surprising but I don’t see it holding weight for too long.
Sukeban Turbo #1 Cover B which was a 1:10 variant that retailers usually price around the $10 range saw some slight early success with it peaking around the $24 range but that was with free shipping.
A few more sales around the $20 range and then this quickly became a $12 dollar book on average.
If you can find it at cover, could be a quick double your money flip but definitely don’t go heavy on this one if you do happen to find a stash of them.
This next book was expected to bring some fire as it was selling online prior with some great pre-sales.
Middlewest #1 out from Skottie Young I highlighted a few weeks back with a advanced sneak peak preview. It’s a great read and I’m really looking forward to reading this each month.
This higher ratio variant which some retailers list around the $30 range reached a peak of $105 for one sale. A bunch of others at $60 to $87. Most have settled in the $45 to $55 range now but not a bad flip if you got at $30 or cheaper.
The last book to report about is the Conspiracy The Illuminati #1 from Zenescope.
Reaching as high as $35 with sales settling in the $20 range, this was probably the winner of the week if going by initial retail to secondary market price percentage.
Cover B was the winner but Cover A even saw sales peak at $15. If you find’em, buy’em and then flip’em while they’re hot. I don’t expect these prices to stick around for long as the hype dies off.

14 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for November 21st, 2018”

  1. I’m still waiting on my last week order. UPS transferred to the post office and it hasn’t moved since Saturday. Should I go there or is it just holiday season??

      1. MCS uses UPS, but sometimes the delivery aspect is fulfilled by the USPS….nots sure why or what triggers it. Are you tracking it?

        1. Fedex does the same thing with certain shipment methods. It saves them time from doing residential deliveries since the USPS is already setup for all residential deliveries.

  2. DC Nation #0 is blowing up on feebay right now. Copies of the Mann1:250 (est.4000 print run) and the Jimenez 1:500 (est.2000 print run) are books to look out for. There is also a 1:100 thst will have about a 10K print run, but it is not as nice as the 1:250 & 1:500 covers. 1st appearance of Robinson Goode. She was confirmed as being Red Cloud in todays reads, according to other sources.

    1. Im am not sure when Red Cloud made her debut, but, Robinson Goode has her 1st full appearance in DC Nation #0. I believe her 1st appearance as Red Cloud is Action #1001.

      1. I believe you’re correct. DC Nation #0 hit stands on May 2nd, 2018. The next appearance I believe is in The Man of Steel #1 by Bendis on May 30th, 2018, this all as herself.
        I believe Anthony reported the appearance in DC Nation #3 was in an advertisement. Actual first appearance (as Red Cloud) is in Action Comics #1001. I’m not a fan of advertisements as first appearances or cameo’s, I’ll stick to the actual content as first anything..

    1. It’s a good read. I can understand why it’s already sold out at Midtown. I finally visited a shop last night in a couple of weeks and picked up a few extra copies.

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