Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 90

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. It is that time again, time for the Hidden Gems. Time to make money with comic books. But before we do that. Allow me to share a few thoughts. Immortal Hulk #9, Daredevil #611, Aquaman #42, JLA #12, Green Hornet Dark Tomorrow #1-3, and Firefly were my reads of the week. She-ra and the Princesses of Power was a decent watch. Titans owns, I see big things for Starfire, Raven, and especially, Jason Todd buy your Batman #416 now. Now let’s make money with comics
1. Nickelodeon Magazine September 1999 – Sponge Bob cover and story, might be his first in the magazine. RIP Steven Hillenberg, thank you for creating Sponge Bob
2. Nickelodeon Magazine November 1999 – first Sponge Bob comic book. Tough find in high grade as is this entire #159 issue run. Sponge Bob makes the money $15
3. Nickelodeon Magazine #159 – final issue of this children’s magazine. Low print run tough in high grade and just a blast to read. Great for hooking kids into comics as this is the perfect gateway for creating future fan boys $5-10
4. Sponge Bob Comics #138 – final issue in the series. Low print run. RIP Bongo comics $10
5. Simpsons Comics #245 – yes, yes, yes, this series came to an end. Now only if the animated series could do the same. As this beloved and classic series is now a former shell of itself and I will never watch another episode again. Apu should have stayed on the show. The Simpsons creators may be sellouts but this comic is #awesomesauce $5-10
6. Deadpool vs Hawkeye #0 Second Print – First Spider-Gwen. Yes this is this generation’s Incredible Hulk #180. You can send me the hate mail as this is the first Spider-Gwen, and this book, thanks to Key Collector Comics, has blown up overnight. Thanks Nick $10-25
7. Deadpool vs Hawkeye #0 Alamo City Convention Variant – Convention variant, first Spider-Gwen, limited amount of copies made. I believe only a few thousand. Now if we can just get Key Collector Comics to work with a text reader? $60-125
8.  Richard Dragon Kung Fu Fighter #5 – if you’re not watching Arrow then you’re missing the second best DCU show on TV. The Bronze Tiger has been the MVP on the show. It looks as the show is bringing back the Suicide Squad in one form. This book needs some love $10 and up
9. Green Hornet #26 (Now series) – origin of the Reed and Kato family trees. The Now series and the Kevin Smith stuff are #awesomesauce. Kevin is the man, the greatest of all time. Mr. Smith is #awesomesauce. Kato is just amazing. $1-5
10. Web Spinners #13#14– Best Spiderman series of the early 2000’s. This is a two parter with Carnage. With everything Venom and Carnage on fire, why are these two issues still in dollar boxes? As is most of this series? $1-5
11. Captain America #29, #30, #31, #32 (Marvel Knights) – before Ed Brubaker made Captain America everything we love about modern Cap. Mr. Walking Dead himself, Robert Kirkman wrote him. This is the Dissembled storyline deals with the aftermath of Avenger’s Disassembled. Low print run, Kirkman (when Kirk man was #awesomesauce) and even hints about Bucky in a dream $1-5
12. Fury of Firestorm #19 (New 52) – I love the Flash TV show. Killer Frost is just amazing. This is the version the show based her on, Caitlin Frost. This is a tough book in the wild so snag it if you see it $10-35
13. Green Arrow #40 (2001 series). First Brick. Dear Arrow why did you kill off Brick? Vinnie Jones played him to perfection. Arrow is having it’s best season yet $10
14. Radioactive Man #711 – The Simpsons Movie had the best marketing ever. The entire 7-11 chain was turned into Quickie Marts. This book doesn’t come up all that often. Offered at 7-11’s back in 2007-2008 polybagged and so worth the buy in $10-20
15. Fantastic Four #275 – Credit for this goes to Comic’s Tom. This comic has an appearance by the late great Stan Lee. It can be found on the cheap and is a must have in any Stan Lee collection $1-3
16. The Last Fantastic Four Story #1 – Tells the final story Stan Lee wrote for the Fantastic Four which would have been #103. Just a cool story, rest in peace Stan $10
Well that is it for this week. I need a red bull and a sandwitch.have a great week. Hope you all get your holiday shopping done earily.if you can you tube the lobo Xmas special. It is amazing see you all next week and take care
Blind Adam out

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  1. Have to agree with you on the Simpsons. At one time it was probably the best show on tv, but now, just meh.hasnt been all that good for a while. Still have the first ten years of classics though and the middle ten years were ok so still plenty of quality re-runs to watch and enjoy!

  2. Adam thanks for the mention. I’m not sure how a text reader works but we just launched the same thing as the mobile app on the website
    Does that work with what you have? If not, please let me know if there is a plug in that you are aware of that we could use

    1. @keycollect…why are you alerting people to Hawkeye vs DP #0 as a 1st appearance of 2 characters who dont make their 1st in that book? An alert to info that was discussed when said book was released is not alerting anyone of anything. Youre shooting your company in the foot with misleading info. Our community is not dumb, and more and more are seeing through the BS. Buyer beware.

          This screen shot is from krapcollector app. Yes. You did ‘confirm’ this lie, and then tried to sell it to your customers. You voraciously defended it on your FB page too. Want screen shots of that too? You cant prove I am dumb, but I just proved you are a liar. And anyone who gets caught in a lie, is pretty dumb to me.

        2. Krapcollector alerted todat about Lemires’ Descender book being optioned in Nov. 2018. That series was optioned in January 2015. More late/old news being sold as ‘breaking’ from the p’n’d krapcollector. Man, that krapcollector keeps getting its facts wrong.

          1. The parentheses denotes the latest news about the property. You gotta figure out what this stuff means but something tells me you’re not interested in that. Why are you so obsessed with the app? If you don’t like it just stop using it.

            1. I have never used it and have no interest in it what so ever. I prefer factual information as opposed to the lies and misleading statements that Krapcollector asserts on, what seems like, a regular basis. I am not sure how asking you 1 question is being categorized as obsessive. Why are you alerting your paying customers to lies? Krapcollector has now had two ‘alerts’ this week alone with blatantly false or misleading information.

                1. Ive said my piece. Other than my childish name swap, I felt this convo was civil. My intentions were not to offend you, or anyone, Tony. Cheers.

  3. Absolute agree on that Fury of Firestorm book. I can typically find most books I want eventually (similar to that timeframe, popularity, price range) at some point , but that issue is always gone from runs/nowhere to be found. Been a ghost for me. Of course I could just buy from ebay, but the thrill of the hunt & all. I actually had an easier time snagging the original Killer Frost 1st appearance than this one.

  4. batman #416 is the first meeting between Jason todd&dick Greyson plusthe first kbg beast kbg beast has been a big player on arrow as well as in the tom king run and Jason&dick are in titans titans is the best show dc makes and like I said send me the hat email ashawkeye vs Deadpool #0 is the first spidergwen I will say it again and again the first spider gwen is Deadpool vs hawkeye #0 live with it it is the costume same with female thor I have been talking about this for years I have been on the spidergwen train since day one .cos play spider gwen is cos play money and do to family friendally rules that is all I can say about that love you all thank you all for reading blind adam out

    1. Great article as always, BA.
      As far as Deadpool vs Hawkeye debate, here are two points which, to me, currently put this to bed.
      1. When Deadpool vs Hawkeye was released, Gwen Stacey is dead in the 616 universe that the story takes place in. So, how can a dead 616 Gwen Stacey be at some parade in her new hero outfit. The Gwen Stacey that is Geenpool, as we all know her would still be on Earth-65 when Deadpool vs Hawkeye was released. Therefore it is impossible, as current Marvel lore is written, that Gwenpool, as we know her, could make any appearance in the Deadpool vs Hawkeye mini series.
      2. Gerry Duggan wrote Deadpool vs Hawkeye #0, and Matteo Lolli was the penciller. Now, if those two people in that parade, in that book, are indeed Jane Foster Thor and Gwenpool, then why does Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez get credit for creating Gwenpool? If Gwenpool, as we currently know her in the 616, do indeed make their first appearance in a Gerry Duggan written book, why do other creators, who didnt work on said book, get credit for creating Gwenpool? *this can also be applied to JF Thor, just swap the credited creators.
      To me, these are two indisputable facts, which clearly present why the DPvsH0 is not the 1st for Gwen.

      1. I’m on board with JayClue here who, by the way, is NOT dumb. When I read that I just knew what was coming.
        I think you’re inadvertently confusing Spider-Gwen with Gwenpool but I know what you’re talking about. This “cameo” was simply an “Easter egg” placed into the book by the artist and/or writer. I believe I read somewhere that Duggan and Latour are pretty tight and they were having fun. Obviously Lolli had seen sketches of the Spider-Gwen costume that Rodriguez may have done and they just took it from there. It would be like say some person on the street in a Superman comic book back in ’84 was drawn wearing a smiley face button. Is that the first appearance of the Watchmen? It’s a debate that really isn’t even a debate. If you feel it’s a first “costume” appearance, go for it. That being said, it is not even close to being the modern-day Hulk #180. No. Apples and oranges.

  5. thank you all for reading .love you all.does a blond hair blue eyed woman wearing a pink hoody not apper in the psanels?that sounds and looks like spidergwen to me.just face it everyone and I have been saying this for years . and I ams ure if I asked topher s. how you doing captain true firsts?to do some reserch along with me we can find a preview of spidergwen that even pre dates Deadpool vs hawkeye #0 but Deadpool vs hawkeye #0 has a girl in the spidergwen costume for all we know it is gwen cos playing and the sceen was tossed in as a laugh with Duggen knowing what was coming down the road .this is the modern day equivalent to all the silver age proto type books. e.g. tales to astonish #97 is the first appearance of aunt may and uncleben parker go read overstreet and just lookat pre thor j.i.m.s or pre iron man tales of suspenseses. in a day and age where the previews that has images of the walking dead #1 goes for decent money or amazing heroes #35 the first blsack costume spiderman or any of the foom magazines or comic readers I don’t understand why everyone is butthurt that Deadpool vs hawkeye #0 is the true first spidergwen .spidergwen is cos play gold cos play gold puts money in my pocket sorry aboutthat . but this my last stand on the subject love you all see you all next week with newhidden gems blind adam out

    1. Until marvel officially confirms that the two characters are indeed Spidergwen and Jane Foster (either in an official release or retcon story) it’s nothing but cameos of the characters costumes….nothing more. Definitely the first appearance of their costumes, and deserving of some recognition of that, but from a continuity standpoint at this point in time it cannot be those two actual characters.
      Maybe it will be used some day in a Donny Cates story….and they’re worth some spec value because of that…but nothing more.

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