New Comic Spec Review for December 5, 2018

Anthony from talks about the hot new comic releases of the week. Here is this week’s for delivery 12/5/18:

14 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review for December 5, 2018”

  1. I met Bob Salley on Saturday and got him to sign 2 Ogre #1s. He said #1 is going back for a 2nd print, and that there will be tie-ins to this series in future books, but not necessarily using the same characters. Awesome guy.

  2. I’m disappointed Anthony.. another Under Armor shirt instead of a kick ass band with the band playing in the background.

    1. Lol. Sorry. Had baseball batting practice at 10 at the batting tunnels until noon. Took Joe to winter workouts for baseball from two to three. Hit the grocery store, and then Joe had basketball practice from five to six. Got home still dress for being somewhat sporty and went with it. Still didn’t get the video out until around 2 AM which time I was wearing PJ’s.

  3. I read Die #1. It’s pretty good. It’s definitely going to attract anyone who grew up in the 80s who happened to be a fan of the Dungeons & Dragon’s cartoon…

      1. I will say one thing, I enjoy Stephanie Hans cover art over her interior art. Some panes seemed great while others seemed rushed.
        It started to lose me at the beginning but then it picks up and the ending was good, probably enough for me to read issue #2.

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