Frank Miller Covers Batman #62 Featuring the Return of

Back in Batman #38, Tom King introduced Matthew, a character who seemed like he was building up to be the Anti-Batman. We coined that phrase back when the Original Spoiler Post came out. (Now people use it as a selling point for the issue.) We never really got to see Matthew as the Anti-Batman, but King swore we would not see the end of it. But, with Batman #62 we get to see Matthew’s return, and hopefully, the Anti-Batman who he could grow to be.

Some people are speculating the spoilers from Batman #60 that I released today shows him. From what Alfred is saying, it appears to be the first proper appearance of Thomas Wayne, Batman.

Here is the solicitation:

What happened to the boy who wanted to be Bruce Wayne? The young criminal mastermind orchestrate his own parents’ deaths to emulate his hero and was carted off to Arkham when Batman exposed his crimes, but that is not the end of the story. Tom King reteams with NIGHTWING artist Travis Moore to create a sequel to their masterpiece of dark horror from BATMAN #38.

Batman #62 is available in the Regular Cover and the special Frank Miller Killer B Variant.  Sadly, the art for the cover hasn’t been released yet.


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30 Responses to Frank Miller Covers Batman #62 Featuring the Return of

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m glad I stocked up on these books. Thanks for the heads up as always.

  2. Naiot Alburquerque says:

    Can it be time to get a return on Batman #38 regular & variant cover?

  3. Daniel P says:

    Really good stuff Anthony. I have a bunch of Batman 38s, but I wonder if the masses will ignore it and go straight for Batman 62…

    Also, by early 2019 we’ll have Reg. Batman, Arkham Knight Batman, The Batman who Laughs, Anti-Batman and Thomas Wayne Batman…

    • agentpoyo says:

      They could but they can’t refute the fact if his first appearance was in issue #38, that should be the most desirable one if they’re seeking out first appearance.

      • Daniel P says:

        Well I guess that leads to the question: what’s more valuable, 1st appearance of the individual or 1st appearance as a character in costume? What’s hotter, Jason Todd or Red Hood? In this specific case, I think Batman 38 should be the one, but an evil Anti-Batman appearing in Batman 60 or 61 could be irresistible to most younger collectors. These days you need sets of multiple books to complete a spec book lol, one piece of the puzzle isn’t enough!

      • That One Guy Who Owns A Shop says:

        We’ve labeled the Spidey 129 on the wall as “First Appearance of Cosmic Ghost Rider” for just this reason.

      • Anthony says:

        Lol. I thought that was Guardians 13

      • agentpoyo says:


  4. there seems to be change in the solicitations. what used to be batman 62 is now batman 61…

  5. Lonzilla says:

    Time to dig out my Bstman 38s, I know I have at least 2 of each cover. CGC worthy?

  6. Ryan says:

    ‘Some people are speculating the spoilers from Batman #60 that I released today shows him. From what Alfred is saying, it appears to be the first proper appearance of Thomas Wayne, Batman.’ How is that possible? when Flashpoint #1 or even Batman #22 predate this and have Thomas Wayne Batman in it?

    • agentpoyo says:

      I think they’re speculating it’s the first time he’s been in the Bruce Wayne Batman Universe but that can’t be the case either if he was helping Bane out since with a brief cameo in Batman #50.

    • Anthony says:

      In the DC universe. All others are elseworlds or other Earths. This would be first in the DCU proper. Just to clarify. Yes, dear old dad appeared in early original Batman issues but not as Thomas Wayne Batman. The whole other earth things can be a mess.

      • Ryan says:

        Correct me if im wrong, but the Flashpoint universe is still original universe it just went in a different direction due to Barry saving his mother instead of her dying at the hands of Thawne, This created a butterfly effect with things proceededing to transpire slightly differently, but still the same universe just sublte differences, The flashpoint universe we see in Batman/Flash the button arc, is that same timeline just saved in a dimension by Dr M

      • Anthony says:

        I thought Flash point brought multiple universes together. He could be a hold over from that or he could be this universes Thomas Wayne. Speculation at this point. Still the Flashpoint issue seems to be the way to go.

      • Wren says:

        Ryan is correct about Flashpoint, if memory serves. It was the main DCU timeline which was altered by Barry, with only Barry remembering (partly), how the original timeline went. unless they retconned that, in which case I am lost (I am very far behind on my DC reading).

      • Anthony says:

        By no means do I claim to be a DC multiverse expert. With what happened during rebirth I am not sure it was retconned or not. Reminds me of the old pre-crisis post-crisis days.

      • Ryan says:

        The three universes were only merged after the events of the final act, so way after Thomas’s first apperances as FlashBat (Has a nice ring to it) also those universes were DC, Wildstorm and Dark Horse if I remember correctly, None of those had a pre exisiting Thomas Wayne Batman, DC’s Thomas wayne perished many years ago, But yeah I’d go with Flashpoint as the First app. Ahhh Speculating isn’t it a blast 🙂

  7. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    in issue #s58-59 Thomas wayne flashpoint is chilling like a villain in banes hidden theory is bane is not the big bad remember what dad flashpoint Thomas told his wussy son bruce in the button stop being batman son give your son a normal life two issues later like a little punk bruce gets on one knee and asks catwoman to marry him look how that turned outbruce?i think Thomas is the real big bad and I am beting things special things things I am not allowed to talk about anymore love you guys blind adam out

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