Spoilers: Walking Dead #186 Stuff Gets Real

We havent run spoilers on the walking dead in a while, simply because not mich had been going on. But with Walking Dead #186 something big gors down
If you have been reading, you know Dwight hasn’t been happy with the way things have been going down with the new Governor. Well, things come to a head

Dwight takes matters in his own hands.

Clearly, Rick will not be happy with the outcome.

Oh, well carry on.

21 thoughts on “Spoilers: Walking Dead #186 Stuff Gets Real”

  1. Rick’s gone p**sy on us.. Kirkman sucks. The real Rick would have blown the Governors head off before Dwight would have.

    1. This is why I don’t read WD anymore.. rinse, recycle, repeat. That’s all it is now. Same ‘old story over and over and over. Kirkman’s writing is like the Energizer Bunny stuck in a circle.

      1. I know I’m going to catch hell for this but we know how you feel about TWD comic, TV show, and Kirkman. If I had a nickel…. You are doing the exact same thing that you’re criticizing. Any Walking Dead post by you or an article that you post says the same thing i.e. Rinse, recycle, repeat. We know brother. We know.

        1. Yeah. That was my post not poyo’s. I am not gonna give you hell for it. Poyo hates walking dead now. I am like warm to it. But the spoilers still bring in traffic and that’s what sites thrive off.

          1. Also, I’m going to keep expressing my opinion about it as well in the comments. What I’m doing is not anywhere near what Kirkman is doing in his story line.
            Our articles drown quickly as fresh content is delivered all the time. Most readers either miss out or don’t go back and read my comments or others. I think I’m doing a service to newcomers who might not have read Walking Dead that the story is repeating itself. So for some it’s probably beneficial to see comments made about a particular book. For others who are still enjoying Walking Dead, all power to you.
            And I don’t hate Walking Dead, I just find it blah now.. it’s lost everything it once had going for it. Now to say I dislike Kirkman, that’s probably true. His writing is sub-par, I’ve given his other books so many chances. He’s riding the wave that his one good idea got him where he is and it’s sad now that it’s dying a slow miserable death itself.
            Show numbers are dropping. Comic numbers are dropping but they’ll likely keep milking that cash cow until the last penny is made.

    2. totally disagree. Rick has become more of a statesmen now as opposed to general as he once was. He see’s that every new community can help one another and not to simply go to war with based on their differences. He saw Dwight’s action as jeopardizing his communities. So he ended him. Face it the common wealth would destroy them in any conflict and everyone could die.

      1. I’m not sure where to begin….is it safe to say Kirkman is milking his cash cow for everything it’s worth? And we blame him for this? It’s his. He still has readers/viewers. It still drives people to sites (as stated by Anthony). Maybe when we have a Saturday morning cartoon and underoos will this thing truly be milked but to criticize him for doing exactly what each of us would do in his position is hypocritical. I’ve never seen an episode or read a Walking Dead book, but I own a bunch and happy to. Anyone wanting to sell theirs, I’m buying (pre 100’s)….backseat quarterbacks on Mondays really need to focus their creativity that’s tearing apart something onto actually building something that someone else will begin to criticize and that’s the true rinse, recycle, repeat!
        I’d also lend more credence to intelligent critique rather than personal vendettas against mediocre (less or more) creators actually fighting to make something that strikes a chord within pop culture. But….to each their own.
        Rock on, Anthony!!

      2. One could argue that Rick is still doing what he’s preaching against by shooting Dwight. For him to quickly turn against someone that is almost family with history instead of deliberating and trying to calm the situation.
        He kept Negan alive who did far worse but doesn’t hesitate to shoot Dwight? Meh..

  2. Will be interesting to see if the movies in the planning phase now will change the repetitive nature of things. Hard to stay fresh when your gimmick is not having an end. I still love the TWD idea and story. Will collect until Kirkman sticks a fork in it.

  3. He was a terrible character whose storyline was over many issues ago.
    Still hoping this Governor has a fishtank full of heads.

    1. Love the way Rick was sent out. Now if Lincoln’s movie career flops they can bring him back. Still pissed about Carl though.

  4. Hopefully they have some new blind bags with the best Dwight covers in them. A few by j. Scott Campbell. A Campbell sketch. A foil Campbell. A gold foil Campbell. Then the 25th spawn anniversary Dwight cover by Jim lee. And of course the Campbell Michone cover.

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