Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 215th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

52 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

        1. I recently watched the new HBO doc on Andre. He was the epitome of the gentle giant. I cried twice while watching it. 😳

  1. claming yogi bear.yogi is the badest m.f. around.going to the oni site for rick and morty awesomness love you guys blind adam out

  2. Picking up this week:
    Batman/Maxx 3
    R&M D&D 3
    Unnatural 5 Cover B
    2 R&M variants per A. King’s recommendation
    Note: I headed to the local arts and crafts store, picked up 24 1/2 oz bottles and an unfinished wooden treasure chest so I could create a homemade rum advent calendar.

  3. With Shang Chi looking like he is getting his own movie/franchise, Special Marvel Edition #15 has blown up like crazy! Can’t even count how many have been sold on Ebay the past two days… I guess I could but it is a lot and I am lazy.
    After a quick glance it is looking as though prices are at and starting to pass Marvel Preview #4 (first Starlord). I know Shang Chi’s first appearance price has been up their a bit for a while now, but that is still an achievement. Not sure what the ceiling is for SME #15 but I don’t think it is close to being reached yet with the movie news just released. There is certainly some reasons outside of a potentially cool movie that will help it succeed. Diversity void filled (check). Niche, but popular character given a movie (check). Marvel attempting to gain a stronger foothold with the Chinese movie audience (probable check). All that could lead to a lot of demand for this book. More-so than what it is being seen now.
    I wonder if Chinese, Marvel enthusiast in China will start trying to purchase this book? Not sure if American comics are high on their list of things to get. Regardless, this was a pleasant surprise and I am glad I was able to jump on the bandwagon before all the cheap/fair priced ones were sold.
    Local comic shops may still have this on the wall or something for last weeks prices. If you have a dealer that sells older books and you don’t have this yet, that would be the best bet to get it at a fair price. If not, maybe bit the bullet and still think about getting one. Good chance it will still keep moving up now that the character is in the big time.
    I remember passing on Marvel Super Heroes #13 when fines started pushing past one hundred dollars. That price would be a total deal now! The same might hold true for Good’ol Shang. Ya never know.

  4. The Harley Quinn this week has a preview of the Batman Who Laughs book that’s coming out. Any spec on this? 1st appearance of a new character?

  5. Anyone else have issues with CBCS? I got a few slabs, after 6 months of waiting, and they have several plastic shavings in the capsule. CBCS will not respond via email, and they are not answering their customer service line. Wish I should have went with CGC

    1. You’re not the guy who got suspended from the cbcs forums?
      Either way I’m not sending another book to cbcs until they get their act together. They’ve had horrible TATs going on 2 years now. And the buyout Becket and subsequent move to Texas seems to have dwindled the staff, including customer service, and they have yet to recover. And now quality issues seem to be cropping up.
      Meanwhile cgc seems to be doing something about the newton ring defect. Such that cbcs may no longer be the “clear ” choice.

      1. So, I recently submitted my first book to cgc after being a diehard cbcs guy for a long time. The reason, turn around. I went to the cbcs booth at Baltimore and asked what the turn around time would be on my Batman 181. They gave me a ridiculous turn around time. I asked about the two day grading. They said that was backed up. I took it to cgc and had it graded and returned to me for less money and quicker than cbcs 2 day would be.
        When they moved they had to train all new people to do the back end stuff. The encapsulating and all that. It takes time, and to have to train an all new staff when you are already behind, well, that’s a death bell to me.

      2. Nope I haven’t posted on their forums yet. Maybe I should try that next since emails and phone calls don’t work!
        I’m definitely cgc only going forward

      3. The reason I asked if it was you is because someone else posted a similar issue with shavings in the casing when they received their books. His posts made it sound like customer service would redo them if He paid for shipping up front and they would reimburse him.
        However he apparently wanted a full refund and allegedly threatened legal action against cbcs and exhibited unacceptable behavior to their employees and Got permanently banned from the forums…so no idea it was resolved.
        But people have been showing up on the forums because they can’t get through in the phones or email, and there have been a number that have demanded books be returned immediately and taking it up its the credit card to dispute the charge for services not rendered in a timely manner as was promised when submitted. Which if you’re quoted 3 months and no progress is shown and you can’t get though to them after 6 months, what does cbcs expect will happen?
        Their TAT estimator is a joke. They need to stop promising what they know they can’t deliver.

      4. Thanks for the info, I will take it to the forums next if I don’t hear back tomorrow. I would be willing to pay shipping upfront if they reimbursed and made it right. At least I know to never use them again

      1. I submitted regular. I can swallow the long wait, i just didn’t want more work after I finally got it. If they don’t respond soon, I may take it to the credit card company. Might be the only way to get their attention.

    2. Seems they were better before they sold the company to Topps. Hope they get their heads out of their you know what because they were awesome for the longest time. CGC needs stiff competition to keep them in check.

  6. Only one shop for me today. Pickups were………
    Killmonger photo cover
    Immortal Hulk #10 along with issues #4 – #8
    Justice League #13a and b
    Shazam #1

  7. only two books this week batman #60-b &rags #12nd print I also picked up the wall greens spiderpig&noir pops and got tickets to go see enter the spiderverse on Saturday so I am trying to getout of having the holiday blues if anyone can help me get out of the holiday blues lmk love you guys thanks for being in my life blind adam out

  8. Ebay has a flash 10% off sale until 3AM ET tonight. Also, M&M Comics is offering 10% off everything in their Ebay store, so always nice to get the extra savings on these books.
    Pulls for the week:
    Adventures Of The Super Sons #5 (Of 12)
    Batman #60 (Cover A Mikel Janin)
    Batman #60 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Curse Of Brimstone #9
    Deathstroke #38 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Doomsday Clock #8 (Of 12)(Cover A Gary Frank)
    Doomsday Clock #8 (Of 12)(Cover B Gary Frank)
    Green Arrow #47 (Cover B Kaare Andrews)
    Green Lantern #2 (Cover A Liam Sharp)
    Green Lantern #2 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Harley Quinn #55 (Cover B Frank Cho)
    Justice League #13 (Cover A Guillem March)
    Justice League #13 (Cover B Jae Lee)
    Martian Manhunter #1 (Of 12)(Cover A Riley Rossmo)
    Martian Manhunter #1 (Of 12)(Cover B Joshua Middleton)
    Nightwing #54 (Cover B Yasmine Putri)
    Red Hood Outlaw #29 (Cover B Yasmine Putri)
    Shazam #1 (Cover A Dale Eaglesham), $4.99
    Shazam #1 (Cover B Gary Frank)
    Suicide Squad Black Files #2 (Of 6)
    Unexpected #7
    United States Vs Murder Inc #4 (Of 6)
    Walking Dead #186 (Cover B Negan)
    Defenders Immortal Hulk #1 (Cover A Ron Garney)
    Marvels Avengers Untitled Prelude #1 (Of 3)
    Star Wars Age Of Republic Qui-Gon Jinn #1 (Cover A Paolo Rivera)
    True Believers Fantastic Four Mad Thinker And Awesome Android #1
    True Believers Fantastic Four Puppet Master #1
    True Believers Fantastic Four Skrulls #1
    Venom #9 (Cover A Ryan Stegman)
    Flash #59 (Cover B Karl Kerschl)
    Batman The Maxx Arkham Dreams #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Sam Kieth)
    Batman The Maxx Arkham Dreams #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Sam Kieth)

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