Avengers 4 Endgame Trailer Drops Online

A new, very dark, Avengers End Game trailer hit online not long ago. It is a much darker trailer than I think we have seen in the Avengers series so far, except for the Scott Lang bit at the end. Check it out below.
I am digging thr Ronin bit in it.

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  1. Crazy how literally everyone I talked to today hasn’t watched antman and the wasp yet. After this trailer I see a bunch of people hitting up redbox.

  2. Showed Thanos on the farm that was part of that supposed leaked reddit spoiler from months back, nothing in that trailer disproved the leak.

  3. “endgame”? pretty generic sounding subtitle. i don’t expect that alone to deplete my enjoyment of the film but “endgame” sounds like the subtitle for a seventh mortal kombat sequel.

      1. well that makes me feel a little better that it’s possible they didn’t just pick it out of thin air and think “yeah, that’s good.”

  4. A few things noticed from the trailer, Who is the dead body Nebula is sympathetically putting a hand on? Most the Guardians were snapped away all but Rocket if I remember, so who else does Nebula have a bond with left? Ronin doesn’t appear to be killing a Skrull in the trailer but a Asian maybe Yakuza, it was reported that he would be and was fighting another threat during Infinity War and this film many thought Skrulls. When Cap sees the Antman security footage he asks if the video is from the past does this hint to something else other than Antman escaping the quantum realm and being mistaken for snapped away. Who got Antman out of the quantum realm? Ghost and Bill Foster, maybe Dr. Strange. Why is Tony on one of the Guardian ships when his suits are space capable.

    1. Tony’s suit was damaged during the fight. I don’t recall him taking any spares with him to Titan. 😉
      Rocket was spared cause he’s not human but a raccoon, that’s my hunch.
      Maybe Ant-Man got himself out of the Quantum Realm, he’s a clever guy.

      1. Thanos destroyed 50% of all life in the universe. Including Raccoons. Groot died, and he’s a tree. Rocket wasnt ‘spared’, he was just lucky and made the cut, just like Stark.

        1. They said 50% of all life but do we know if that’s animals or just intelligent life, does that include plants, those are considered alive? I think animals are part of the overall balance of the cycle of life so I can’t buy that Thanos would kill off 50% of the existing Zebras per se.. and I doubt it included plants as well, which is also life. Groot is part of an actual species, intelligent as well. Raccoons are not that intelligent. They love shiny objects and will choose to die rather than let such shiny objects go. 😉
          As for Stark, he wasn’t lucky, Doctor Strange asked him to spare him in exchange of the time stone cause he knew Stark was key to beating Thanos out of the millions of scenarios he looked at with the time stone.

        2. And Groot is offended you said he’s just a tree.. Groot is “An extraterrestrial, sentient tree-like creature, the original Groot first appeared as an invader that intended to capture humans for experimentation.” 😉

      2. Youre response to the 50% of life has me thinking now. I assumed it was literal but now realize that the trees in forest, in Wakanda, at the end of Infinity War were not turning to dust the way that our heroes did. What did they mean by 50% of ‘all life’, cause it certainly isnt ‘all life’.
        And raccoons, whether genetically experimented on, or not, are pretty damn intelligent, if I do say so myself. Wiley little buggers. They certainly know how to constructively use those little, nonopposable thumb paws that they have. Raccoons are noted for their high intelligence snd they can remember solutions to problems for as long as 3 years (much better than a lot if humans, here in Canada, most people forget how to drive in snowy conditions, although they did it on a daily basis 9 months ago).
        Raccoons 1 : Humans 0
        Groot. I am sorry. You are Groot.

        1. I only was poking fun at raccoons being dumb. But it is true, they love shiny objects and I’m certain some die because they didn’t want to lose their precious object. Sounds almost like a human trait..
          And yes, the whole 50% of life thing had me thinking too. I think Thanos was likely targeting 50% of all sentient life, those that are creating an imbalance of the cycle of life in the universe (kind of like us humans now on Earth cause we all know Earth was never meant to have billions of us roaming around and 1/3 or more starving). Yes, I’m on Team Thanos, most of us should not be here and the Universe is not healthy.. 😉

  5. So after watching Dr Strange for the 20th time or so I noticed something I’ve never paid much attention from the beginning of the movie. Dr Strange has a love for watches and shows his watch collection at the beginning of the movie I believe this references his future ability to time travel. After choosing a watch he gets in his car gets into the accident and heads on his path to become the sorcerer Supreme. I believe the car that hits him is either himself or someone else from the future in order to put him on that path.

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