Spoilers: Champions #27 A New Love Interest for Viv Vision?

Champions #27 is in stores Wednesday. The book follows up on the Champions “Mystic Quest”. It even says so in the solicitation:

The Champions’ mystic quest comes to an end – but at what cost?

Seems like Viv Vision rescued a team mate and developed some feelings along the way. So is there a new love interest for the android teenage girl?

All signs point to, “yes”.

But is it reciprocated?

Young love can be so tough….




18 thoughts on “Spoilers: Champions #27 A New Love Interest for Viv Vision?”

      1. Harley was originally to be exposed in Batman White Knight #1…but they placed word bubbles over her privates. I think there are pictures online that show the artwork pre-bubbles if people really want to see see Harley in the flesh.

        1. Well, technically you cant have an animated character in the ‘flesh’. So to speak. But I digress.
          This raises another issue I have. Why do adults, particularly men, seem to be drawn to (no pun intended) pictures of ‘sexy’ cartoons? Its a goddamn drawing. Case in point. Rags. Grown men getting all giddy over a cartoon in underwear. To each their own, but, man, come on.

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